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Zero to One
Zero to One Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
A ground-breaking and thought-provoking book on innovation and what it takes for a new company to prosper, from the co-founder of one of the most successful tech start-ups in history
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Elon Musk
Elon Musk Ashlee Vance
‘I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact.’ – Elon Musk
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How To Start a Business without Any Money
How To Start a Business without Any Money Rachel Bridge
Want to start your own business on a shoestring? Rachel Bridge can show you how
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Confessions of a Fashionista
Confessions of a Fashionista Angela Clarke
A true insider's story of divas, dazzling glamour, minuscule dogs and a journey from heartbreak to happy ever after
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The Yes Book
The Yes Book Clive Rich
Discover the secrets of successful negotiation with the best deal-maker in the business
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How To Make It In Advertising Mark Leigh
Advertising. Is it really 'the greatest art form of the twentieth century' ?
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Before Happiness
Before Happiness Shawn Achor
If you want to change your life, you first have to change your reality
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Essentialism Greg McKeown
Life is fast and full of opportunity. This is your guide to eliminating the nonessential in order to do something truly great
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Let's Make Lots of Money
Let's Make Lots of Money Tom Watkins
The candid, outrageous, drug-fuelled autobiography of the 90s music-biz guru behind the Pet Shop Boys and East 17.
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Finding My Virginity
Finding My Virginity Richard Branson
The follow-up to the 2 million-copy-selling Losing My Virginity, documenting the incredible last twenty years in Sir Richard Branson's life.
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Self Belief: The Vision
Self Belief: The Vision Jamal Edwards
'When people ask me what an entrepreneur is, my answer is someone who wants to make a difference to other people’s lives. Jamal is a walking definition of the word.' - Sir Richard Branson By popular demand, young media entrepreneur Jamal Edwards’s pioneering, interactive, iBooks-number-1-bestselling ebook series, Self Belief: The Vision is now available in one paperback edition.
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Music: The Business - 6th Edition
Music: The Business - 6th Edition Ann Harrison
The music industry bible, the essential guide to the law and the deals.
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Eleven Rings
Eleven Rings Phil Jackson
'Part sports memoir, part New Age spirit quest, part pseudo-management tract ... But the primary thing with Jackson — as with all the old bards, who were also known for repeating themselves — is the voice.' — The New York Times
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The Introvert Entrepreneur
The Introvert Entrepreneur Beth Buelow
Susan Cain taught us the value of being Quiet. Now, The Introvert Entrepreneur takes the next step and shows us how introverts can channel their inner quiet in order to thrive in the world of business
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The Off Switch
The Off Switch Mark Cropley
Switch off to get more done -- be more productive by learning the skills to leave work 'at work', change how you think about your working life, worry less, relax more and then face the office fresh and energised.
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The Agile Mind
The Agile Mind Estanislao Bachrach
A massive international bestseller, THE AGILE MIND blends science and stories to explain how creativity really happens and how you can grow your own creative potential.
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Why Fonts Matter
Why Fonts Matter Sarah Hyndman
Discover the incredible power of fonts to influence your decisions, alter your perceptions, stir your emotions and change how you understand the world
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The Cheat Code
The Cheat Code Brian Wong
Discover the tiny tweaks you can make to achieve big results
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How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars
How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars Billy Gallagher
The defining story of the exhilarating rise of Snapchat – from a frat boy fantasy to a multi-billion dollar unicorn start-up that has dramatically changed how we communicate.
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The Curated Closet
The Curated Closet Anuschka Rees
An inspirational yet practical guide to clothes, shopping and discovering and developing a strong sense of personal style.
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The Airbnb Story
The Airbnb Story Leigh Gallagher
The inside, behind-the-scenes story of airbnb -- the company reshaping how we travel
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Streampunks Robert Kyncl, Maany Peyvan
Definitive stories behind the youtubers, vloggers and online video channels remaking entertainment
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Music: The Business (7th edition)
Music: The Business (7th edition) Ann Harrison
The music industry bible, the essential guide to the law and the deals.
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How To Make it in the Music Business
How To Make it in the Music Business Siân Pattenden
Fully updated with new information on the digital music revolution
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