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Invisible Women
Invisible Women Caroline Criado Perez
The smash-hit bestseller which exposes the invisible bias in our everyday lives - 'HELL YES. This is one of those books that has the potential to change things' (Caitlin Moran)
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Manufacturing Consent
Manufacturing Consent Noam Chomsky, Edward S Herman
A detailed and compelling political study of how elite forces shape mass media
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The Beauty Myth
The Beauty Myth Naomi Wolf
Provocative, punchy and important, this is one of the essential classics of modern feminist literature.
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My Life, Our Times
My Life, Our Times Gordon Brown
This long-awaited, revelatory memoir from Britain’s former Prime Minister offers vital insights into our extraordinary times
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Magnum Russell Miller
'The best account of the reality of photo-journalism I have ever read. . An ultra-enjoyable book. . . sheer delight. ' John Simpson, Daily Telegraph.
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One Market Under God
One Market Under God Tom Frank
'A passionate, bracingly irreverent and always hugely readable lexicon of the political cant of the past decade' Independent
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The Nudist On The Lateshift
The Nudist On The Lateshift Po Bronson
Bestselling author Po Bronson tells the true story of the greatest legal creation of wealth in the history of the world, and the people in the Silicon Valley who are making it happen.
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Uncertain Vision
Uncertain Vision Georgina Born
A unique and controversial portrait of the BBC based on unparalleled access to all ranks of the corporation.
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Tell Me No Lies
Tell Me No Lies John Pilger
An incisive anthology of investigative journalism, edited and introduced by the bestselling reporter and film-maker John Pilger.
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Unreasonable Behaviour
Unreasonable Behaviour Don McCullin
'He has known all forms of fear, he's an expert in it. He has come back from God knows how many brinks, all different. His experience in a Ugandan prison alone would be enough to unhinge another man - like myself, as a matter of fact - for good. He has been forfeit more times than he can remember, he says. But he is not bragging. Talking this way about death and risk, he seems to be implying quite consciously that by testing his luck each time, he is testing his Maker's indulgence' John Le Carr-
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Veronica Guerin
Veronica Guerin Emily O'Reilly
The extraordinary story of a bold but reckless young journalist, and a forceful exploration of the dubious ethics of modern journalism.
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Give The Anarchist A Cigarette
Give The Anarchist A Cigarette Mick Farren
A superb memoir by a key member of the 1960s and '70s counterculture in Britain
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The Beautiful Game?
The Beautiful Game? David Conn
A powerful, passionate exploration of a game in turmoil.
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Martha Gellhorn
Martha Gellhorn Caroline Moorehead
Amazing quote to come from Rose Tremain!
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The Money And The Power
The Money And The Power Sally Denton, Roger Morris
The shadowy past and present of Las Vegas - and its role in the shaping of today's America - are here revealed as never before by two of America's leading investigative reporters.
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Globalisation In World History
Globalisation In World History A G Hopkins
A provocative and illuminating collection of essays that is the first to look at the major theme of globalization from an historical perspective.
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What the Chinese Don't Eat
What the Chinese Don't Eat Xinran
Xinran's popular Guardian columns collected together for the first time!
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Flat Earth News
Flat Earth News Nick Davies
Explosive, controversial and ground-breaking - award-winning investigative journalist Nick Davies exposes the shocking corruption of today's media.
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The Most Powerful Idea in the World
The Most Powerful Idea in the World William Rosen
An enthralling and accessible history of the invention which transformed the world: steam power
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Down To The Sea In Ships
Down To The Sea In Ships Horatio Clare
Acclaimed nature writer Horatio Clare travels the great oceans on cargo ships, and witnesses the collision of two temperaments: man and the sea
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Not a Proper Journalist
Not a Proper Journalist Bob Humphrys
A brilliant autobiography from the face of Welsh sport - funny, charming, provocative and deeply revealing, at last here are the real stories behind twenty years of Welsh sport
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The Gods That Failed
The Gods That Failed Dan Atkinson, Larry Elliot
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