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Performing Flea
Performing Flea P.G. Wodehouse
The first of the author’s three autobiographical works to appear in the Everyman Wodehouse, Performing Flea was originally published in 1953.
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Reflections on The Revolution in France And Other Writings
Reflections on The Revolution in France And Other Writings Edmund Burke
The most important works of Edmund Burke, the greatest political thinker of the past three centuries, are gathered here in one comprehensive volume. Accompanying his influential masterpiece, Reflections on the Revolution in France, is a selection of pamphlets, speeches, public letters, private correspondence and, for the first time, two important and previously uncollected early essays.
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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin
The most widely read American autobiography of all time, accompanied by a generous selection of Franklin's popular journalism - in a hard cover edition with an introduction by Harvard historian Jill Lepore.
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Collected Nonfiction Volume 1
Collected Nonfiction Volume 1 Mark Twain
The first of two new hardcover volumes collecting the major nonfiction writings of the 'father of American literature', a legend in his own time: more than 150 letters, essays and speeches selected to showcase the extraordinary range of his interests and passions, as well as generous excerpts from his Autobiography. An Everyman's Library original.
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Collected Nonfiction Volume 2
Collected Nonfiction Volume 2 Mark Twain
The second of two new hardcover volumes collecting the major nonfiction writings of the 'father of American literature', including excerpts from the rollicking, shrewd and hilarious autobiographical works, The Innocents Abroad, Roughing It, A Tramp Abroad and Life on the Mississippi. An Everyman's Library original.
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Selected Letters
Selected Letters Horace Walpole
A new and newly annotated selection of letters - the only selected edition available in hardcover from the English eighteenth-century historian, novelist, and politician whose correspondence is one of the most admired in English literature.
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The Periodic Table
The Periodic Table Primo Levi
'So it happens, therefore, that every element says something to someone'
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Praeterita And Dilecta John Ruskin
Written in the 1880s, this autobiography of one of Britain's most famous art critics of the 19th century describes his upbringing in a respectable Victorian household, his Continental travels, his friends and relations and the development and refinement of his aesthetic tastes. An introduction by Kenneth Clark sets "Praeterita" in its proper context and draws attention to its particular merits. Also included in this work are Ruskin's supplement of letters, diary notes and extracts from literature, and a glossary identifying many of the people named in the book.
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The Diary of John Evelyn John Eve
Introduced by Sir Roy Strong. The Everyman edition of John Evelyn's Diary is published to coincide with the tercentenary of Evelyn's death in 1706. There is no other edition currently in print.
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The Audubon Reader John James Audubon
The Audubon Reader is an unprecedented anthology of Audubon's lively and colourful writings, edited by his award-winning biographer. Richard Rhodes gathers excerpts form Audubon's journals, letters and published works and introduces him not only as a great artist and ornithologist but also as an exceptional American writer, a forerunner of Thoreau, Emerson and Melville.
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Mozart's Letters W A Mozart
After more than two hundred years he still stands out as one of music's greatest correspondents, emerging from these letters as a scintillating, fully rounded and intriguing character. Published to coincide with the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth
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Marco Polo Travels
Marco Polo Travels
A new introduction by Colin Thubron describes why Marco Polo remains one of the most fascinating and informative introductions to China.
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The Autobiography Of Benvenuto Cellini
The Autobiography Of Benvenuto Cellini Benvenuto Cellini
Cellini’s Life, completed in 1562, is the most important autobiography from Renaissance Italy and one of the most spirited and colourful autobiographies in any language.
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Letters of Emily Dickinson
Letters of Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson
A selection of the remarkable letters of Emily Dickinson in an elegant Pocket Poet edition.
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Samuel Pepys: The Diaries
Samuel Pepys: The Diaries Samuel Pepys
The most famous diarist in the English language, Samuel Pepys kept a detailed record of his daily life between 1660 and 1669. Not only is it a key historical resource, but also a fascinating and entertaining read. Kate Loveman's selection, with helpful footnotes, is the only one-volume edition available.
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