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Out of the Forest
Out of the Forest Gregory Smith
What makes a man turn his back on society? What makes him return?
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Fake Stephanie Wood
A powerful, richly layered investigative story for our times, drawing on the personal stories of the author and other women who have been drawn into relationships based on duplicity and false hope.
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Batavia Peter FitzSimons
This bloody, chilling, stunning tale is "far and away the greatest story in Australia's history, if not the world's."
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Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly Peter FitzSimons
Love him or loathe him, Ned Kelly has been at the heart of Australian culture and identity since he and his gang were tracked down in bushland by the Victorian police and came out fighting, dressed in bulletproof iron armour made from farmers’ ploughs. History comes to life with Peter FitzSimons
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Unbreakable Jelena Dokic, Jess Halloran
The story of Jelena Dokic, in her words
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He Who Must Be Obeid
He Who Must Be Obeid Kate McClymont, Linton Besser
Queensland had the Fitzgerald Inquiry and the Moonlight State. New South Wales has Eddie Obeid.
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Unmasked Turia Pitt
In 2011 Turia Pitt made headlines for having barely survived a terrible bushfire in the desert. She is now one of the most inspirational women in Australia.
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No Spin
No Spin Shane Warne, Mark Nicholas
No Spin is the last word on Shane Warne’s extraordinary cricketing career and his life off the pitch.
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Dear Mum
Dear Mum Julia Morris
In this wonderful collection of letters from celebrities to their mothers, Australian sporting stars, musicians, models, cooks and famous authors reveal what they would like to say to their mothers before it’s too late, or would have said if only they’d had the chance.
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An Angel At My Table
An Angel At My Table Janet Frame
With a heartfelt introduction from Jane Campion. Janet Frame brings the skill of an extraordinary novelist and poet to these vivid and haunting recollections.
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Accept The Challenge – The Autobiography
Accept The Challenge – The Autobiography Leigh Matthews, Leigh M Blucher
A true football legend, this is a hugely long awaited autobiography told with Leigh's customary steel, wry humour and no-holds barred honesty.
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Glenn McGrath Line and Strength
Glenn McGrath Line and Strength Daniel Lane, Glenn McGrath
Now featuring an additional chapter.
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Far From a Still Life
Far From a Still Life Meg Stewart
With new chapters taking in the last few years of Margaret Olley's life, her state funeral and the enormous legacy she has left behind.
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The House of Hancock: The Rise and Rise of Gina Rinehart
The House of Hancock: The Rise and Rise of Gina Rinehart Debi Marshall
Gina Rinehart is set to become the richest woman in the world - but at what cost?
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Strange Times (Storycuts)
Strange Times (Storycuts) Georgia Blain
Nothing is as vivid, or as strange, as the memory of our school days.
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Treading Water
Treading Water Tracey Wickham, Peter Meares
Tracey’s long awaited autobiography reveals the highs and lows of a much-loved Australian sports star, candidly and fearlessly.
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Stolen Louise Monaghan
The true story of a mother who risked her life to rescue her kidnapped daughter from war-torn Syria.
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Chappelli: Life, Larrikins & Cricket
Chappelli: Life, Larrikins & Cricket Ian Chappell
This wonderful collection of stories showcases all the characters and events from the extraordinary life of an Aussie sporting immortal.
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Sophisto-punk: The Story of Mark Opitz and Oz Rock
Sophisto-punk: The Story of Mark Opitz and Oz Rock Luke Wallis, Jeff Jenkins, Mark Opitz
Mark Opitz and the inside story of making the great albums of Oz rock.
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Sir Henry Parkes: The Australian Colossus
Sir Henry Parkes: The Australian Colossus Stephen Dando-Collins
Sir Henry Parkes: Father of Federation, Premier of NSW, Statesman, Visionary, Political Leader, Poet, Humanist
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CREZZA:  From AFL glory to prison and the long road to redemption.
CREZZA: From AFL glory to prison and the long road to redemption. Daryn Cresswell
From football fame to a prison term: how the ex Sydney Swan is rebuilding his life.
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Warrior Man
Warrior Man Keith Fennell
Get inside the very heart of Australia's elite forces, the SAS, in two red-hot memoirs in one special ebook edition.
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The Widow
The Widow Nola Duncan, Libby Harkness
Her husband took a terrible secret to his grave. How did Nola Duncan not know?
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The Heavy
The Heavy Dara-Lynn Weiss
A mother's battle against her seven-year-old daughter's obesity.
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