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Girl with a One-Track Mind
Girl with a One-Track Mind Abby Lee
Bridget Jones meets Belle de Jour in these candid and colourful diaries of a sassy Londoner's sexual adventures
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The Descent
The Descent Thomas Dekker
From doping to redemption, this is the controversial, internationally bestselling tell-all memoir from the golden boy of Dutch cycling, Thomas Dekker.
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Secrets for the Mad
Secrets for the Mad dodie
A young woman’s unique illustrated memoir about growing up, mental health and the life lessons she learned along the way
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The Black Hand
The Black Hand Stephan Talty
The gripping true story of the origins of the mafia in America—and the brilliant Italian-born detective who gave his life to stop it
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A Mother’s Love
A Mother’s Love Deborah Ziegler
A mother’s heart-breaking story of helping her terminally ill daughter fight for her right to die
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Forza Italia
Forza Italia Paddy Agnew
A unique and personal journey into the heart of Italy and its football, including the national team's dramatic 2006 World Cup victory and the match-fixing scandal
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More Scenes From a Smallholding
More Scenes From a Smallholding Chas Griffin
Following on from the success of SCENES FROM A SMALLHOLDING, this is the second installment of personal memoir from Chas Griffin, the charming Welsh Organic Farmer
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The Hapless Teacher's Handbook
The Hapless Teacher's Handbook Phil Ball
'Hilarious coming-of-age adventures of an embattled young teacher' - Philip Norman
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Brothers in War
Brothers in War Michael Walsh
Eight brothers went to fight for Queen and Country in the Great War - only three would return alive...
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Who's the B*****d in the Black?
Who's the B*****d in the Black? Jeff Winter
A no-holds-barred exposé of the colourful and controversial life of a top-class referee, in his own words - updated to cover the World Cup and recent referee scandals!
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Straight Up and Dirty
Straight Up and Dirty Stephanie Klein
Sex and the City meets Bergdorf Blondes meets The Sexual Life of Catherine M - now in a beautifully packaged mass market paperback
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Crossing the Boundary
Crossing the Boundary Kevin Pietersen
Maverick cricketer Kevin Pietersen's journey from idyllic South African childhood to the highs of his historical 2005 Ashes innings and the lows of England's recent defeat
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Mr Nice & Mrs Marks
Mr Nice & Mrs Marks Judy Marks
The 'Bonnie & Clyde' adventures of the world's most notorious dope smugglers - now in mass market paperback.
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Repeat Until Rich
Repeat Until Rich Josh Axelrad
The incredible, true story of how an ordinary man took millions of dollars from casinos across the US
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Grow Up
Grow Up Keith Allen
The intimate and hilarious memoirs of notorious and controversial actor, bon viveur and sometime songwriter - the irrepressible Keith Allen
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The Hitman
The Hitman Ricky Hatton
The bestselling and fully updated autobiography of the best and most-loved boxer in the world today
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Inside Little Britain
Inside Little Britain Boyd Hilton, David Walliams, Matt Lucas
By turns intimate, eye-opening and hilarious, INSIDE LITTLE BRITAIN is the ultimate autobiographical documentary of two of our most-cherished national icons.
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Entertaining Eric
Entertaining Eric Maureen Wells
The charming wartime love story of Maureen, a Wren, and her boyfriend Eric, told through her letters to him as he fought abroad during World War II
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Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty Alex Hannaford
Revelatory biography of the singer, poet and icon who transformed the British music scene - updated and now with a foreword from Pete's mum
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My Family Is All I Have
My Family Is All I Have Helen Alice Dear
The extraordinary true story of how one British woman was trapped in Eastern Europe for fifty years, first by the Nazis and then by Communism, but never stopped trying to get back home...
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The Family Friend
The Family Friend Matt Lowe
An honest and intelligently written account of one boy’s abuse at the hands of a trusted family friend - now in mass-market paperback
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Sweet Mandarin
Sweet Mandarin Helen Tse
A modern day Wild Swans - an extraordinary, moving account of the lives of three generations of Chinese women
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A Long Walk in the High Hills
A Long Walk in the High Hills Selina Scott
A warm and witty memoir of moving to Spain to find a new, simpler way of life, only for a whole new batch of entanglement and one very strong-willed dog to turn life upside down again
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Always Managing
Always Managing Harry Redknapp
The autobiography of the greatest living English football manager of his generation
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