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Van Gogh's Ear
Van Gogh's Ear Bernadette Murphy
Why did Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear? This compelling detective story reveals the truth about the art world's greatest mystery
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House of Nutter
House of Nutter Lance Richardson
A wildly entertaining biography of the British fashion designer who set the trends for rock royalty from the Beatles to Mick Jagger to Elton John
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Devices and Desires
Devices and Desires Kate Hubbard
In this lively and thoroughly-researched literary history, Bess of Hardwick shines as a social climber and passionate Elizabethan builder -- an irresistible heroine and a devoted hustler
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Fashion Climbing
Fashion Climbing Bill Cunningham
An enchanting memoir, as vibrant and charming as Breakfast at Tiffany's -- by the legendary New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham
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Character Breakdown
Character Breakdown Zawe Ashton
Sharp satirical, unconventional memoir about modern life from rising, non-conformist British star
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Grayson Perry
Grayson Perry Perry Grayson, Wendy Jones
Intimate, funny, unsettling autobiography by one of Britain's most talented and provocative artists, written in his own voice by a close friend.
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London Recordings David Sylvester
The final interviews recorded by the great art critic, as vivid and provocative as ever.
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The King's Glass
The King's Glass Carola Hicks
Monarchs and makers. The tense, captivating story of the glorious windows of the King's College Chapel, Cambridge.
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Phiz Valerie Lester
The first full biography of Dickens's most famous illustrator. Full of his irresistible drawings, it also provides a vivid and colourful picture of the Victorian age.
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Lady Trevelyan and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Lady Trevelyan and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood John Batchelor
Fascinating new take on Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites, seen through the life of Pauline Trevelyan (1816-1866), who used her own brains and her husband's money to promote the careers of the finest painters and writers of High Victorian cultural life.
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Political Ideas In The Romantic Age
Political Ideas In The Romantic Age Isaiah Berlin
Isaiah Berlin's longest continuous work - and therefore of key importance to anyone interested in the history of ideas.
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The Hare With Amber Eyes
The Hare With Amber Eyes Edmund de Waal
The history of a family through 264 objects - set against a turbulent century - from an acclaimed writer and potter
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The White Road
The White Road Edmund de Waal
The gripping story of the lure of porcelain, or 'white gold', from the Number One bestselling author of The Hare with Amber Eyes
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Carrington's Letters
Carrington's Letters Dora Carrington
Bloomsbury disrobed: Carrington's beguiling and gleeful letters take us beyond Bloomsbury into discussion about sexual mores, how to be an artist, and what it is to be truly oneself
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On Chapel Sands
On Chapel Sands Laura Cumming
The Sunday Times bestseller - Laura Cumming, prize-winning author and art critic, uncovers the mystery of her mother’s disappearance as a child
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