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 Great Kerouac
Great Kerouac Series
The covers, designed by Tom Etherington of Penguin Press, feature the works of abstract expressionist painter Franz Kline.
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14 Science Books for Kids
14 Science Books for Kids Book List
Including action-packed projects, awe-inspiring images and fascinating facts!
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2018's Eye-Catchers
2018's Eye-Catchers Book List
A selection of 2018’s most striking book covers.
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9 of the… Wrongest!
9 of the… Wrongest! Book List

Author Avril Tremayne offers up her favourite Mr Wrongs in literature.

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A Guide to Robert Drewe
A Guide to Robert Drewe Book List
An introduction to Robert Drewe’s literary life.
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A Guide to… Ian McEwan
A Guide to… Ian McEwan Book List
A rough guide to just some of Ian McEwan’s numerous literary triumphs.
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A Look Ahead
A Look Ahead Book List

Some of the most anticipated books still to come in 2019.

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A Lover and a Writer
A Lover and a Writer Book List

Charlotte McConaghy’s top 10 romantic fantasy novels.

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Action on the Water
Action on the Water Book List

The highest drama on the brine.

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Agents of Change
Agents of Change Book List
Authors and books that are changing the world for the better.
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ANZAC Books for Students
ANZAC Books for Students Book List
Spark enquiry and discussion with these ANZAC books for all ages.
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Attention Seekers
Attention Seekers Book List
Book titles to grab readers by the eyeballs.
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Australian Children’s Classics
Australian Children’s Classics Series

Rediscover the magic of Australia’s most memorable books for children and teens. 

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Australian Heroes
Australian Heroes Book List

Inspiring stories of exceptional Australians, past and present.

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Australian Histories
Australian Histories Book List

Looking back at people, places and events that shaped who we are.

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Australian Top 10 of 2017
Australian Top 10 of 2017 Book List
Our bestselling books by Australian authors in 2017.
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Australian True Crime Stories
Australian True Crime Stories Book List
Chilling crimes committed far too close for comfort.
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Autumn Reads
Autumn Reads Book List

Stock your reading pile with some books worth savouring.

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Batmania Book List
Delve into the dangerous DC Universe and discover how Batman became the world’s favourite vigilante.
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Battle Cries
Battle Cries Book List

Gripping stories of Australian soldiers in combat.

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Beat the Cold
Beat the Cold Book List

Turn up the heat this winter with a scorching read.

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Bennett and Archer
Bennett and Archer Series
Frank Bennett and Eden Archer: A crime-fighting detective duo like no other.
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Best Adapted Screenplays
Best Adapted Screenplays Book List

Books that went on to silver-screen greatness.

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Best in the West
Best in the West Book List

Unforgettable rural stories set on Australia’s western fringe.

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