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Stuff Happens: Harry
Stuff Happens: Harry Alex McDiarmid
All Harry wants is to fly through Monvale Primary under the radar. He's done the maths and come to a conclusion: to be good at something means attention – and in Harry's case, that attention is more than unwanted. But standing out from the crowd isn't about all the attention that comes with it. It's about enjoying what you do, and being yourself. Can Harry see that for himself?
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Stuff Happens: Luke
Stuff Happens: Luke James Valentine
Stuff happens sometimes. Everyday stuff.
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Stuff Happens: Tom
Stuff Happens: Tom Pat Flynn
Tom Connors is a very good tennis player. When it comes to hitting a ball over a net he can do it better than almost anyone else his age. Tom's problem is that he gets nervous in a match, particularly on his serve. Can Tom find a way to overcome his nerves?
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