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Stuff Happens: Ned
Stuff Happens: Ned Andrew Daddo
Ned's worst fears are confirmed when he ends up in the class with the worst teacher in the school, possibly the world, away from his best mates. Things don't improve when the teacher seems to have adored both Ned's older siblings – how will he survive the day, let alone the whole year?
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Stuff Happens: Sean
Stuff Happens: Sean Will Kostakis
Sean has just moved from WA to Monvale where his parents grew up. Sean misses his friends and wonders if he'll ever be able to make mates as good as the ones he has left behind …
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Stuff Happens: Fadi
Stuff Happens: Fadi Scot Gardner
Fadi is big and strong and hasn't quite grown into his body. He's a gun on the rugby field where his strength and size is an advantage, and at home with his Islander family his size fits, but off the field and out of home he sometimes breaks things (people's science projects, Jack's arm - but that was an accident!). With the help of his uncle and cousins, Fadi learns to put some grace to his movement - and develop some seriously cool dance moves.
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Stuff Happens: Luke
Stuff Happens: Luke James Valentine
Stuff happens sometimes. Everyday stuff.
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Stuff Happens: Michael
Stuff Happens: Michael Phillip Gwynne
Michael is the best swimmer in the school, probably the state, maybe the country. He trains all the time, determined to do his best for himself, for the coach, for his parents, for everyone. Then one day he sees a skater fly down the hill on a board and he starts to wonder if there is more to life than swimming.
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Stuff Happens: Ethan
Stuff Happens: Ethan Oliver Phommavanh
Ethan is not just bookish - he's book-obsessed, possibly the only boy with a mother begging him to put a book down so he can make friends. Ethan doesn't make friends so easily so he when he does make friends with Trent (they bond over a dinosaur book), Ethan is chuffed and his mum is thrilled. But then Trent discovers downball and Ethan thinks he's lost his best friend, his only friend . . .
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Stuff Happens: Lennie
Stuff Happens: Lennie James Roy
Lennie loves facts, and he loves nothing more than letting everyone know about it. But when a relief teacher questions one of his facts about the moon landing, he is not happy. Lennie realises that no one can be right all of the time, and that's okay - no one is perfect.
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Stuff Happens: Jack
Stuff Happens: Jack Tony Wilson
Jack is one of the sporty boys, always after a new game to play, particularly one that allows him to tackle without getting caught. He and his friends invent You Play, You Pay, and things don't end well. When Jack, in pain and keen not to get in trouble, says it was Fadi's fault, he almost immediately regrets it, but can't take it back. Things go from bad to worse as Fadi gets into more trouble and Jack feels more and more guilty.
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Stuff Happens: Tom
Stuff Happens: Tom Pat Flynn
Tom Connors is a very good tennis player. When it comes to hitting a ball over a net he can do it better than almost anyone else his age. Tom's problem is that he gets nervous in a match, particularly on his serve. Can Tom find a way to overcome his nerves?
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Stuff Happens: Harry
Stuff Happens: Harry Alex McDiarmid
All Harry wants is to fly through Monvale Primary under the radar. He's done the maths and come to a conclusion: to be good at something means attention – and in Harry's case, that attention is more than unwanted. But standing out from the crowd isn't about all the attention that comes with it. It's about enjoying what you do, and being yourself. Can Harry see that for himself?
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Stuff Happens: Cooper
Stuff Happens: Cooper Justin D'Ath
Cooper is one of the footy boys. When his former-rugby-champion grandfather dies, Cooper has trouble dealing with it. To make matters worse, the funeral falls on the first day of the Year Five camp at Thunder Canyon, half a day's drive away.
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A Lot of Stuff Happens
A Lot of Stuff Happens Adrian Beck, Andrew Daddo, Oliver Phommavanh, Will Kostakis
A collection of four awesome Stuff Happens books in one, from some of Australia’s favourite children’s authors!
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