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Passage (Storycuts)
Passage (Storycuts) Caroline Overington
A captivating short story of one man's journey into a cult and out the other side by bestselling author, Caroline Overington...
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Clothes (Storycuts)
Clothes (Storycuts) Ruth Rendell
A woman obsessed with buying clothes finally recognises she needs help when they nearly strangle her.
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Barbarians (Storycuts)
Barbarians (Storycuts) Shena Mackay
A mother attempts to plaster over the cracks in her daughter's adulterous marriage.
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Comfort (Storycuts)
Comfort (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A story of a married couple and the aftermath of death
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Queenie (Storycuts)
Queenie (Storycuts) Alice Munro
An elopement provides a younger step-sister with an eye-opening insight into relationships.
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Nettles (Storycuts)
Nettles (Storycuts) Alice Munro
Former friends are reunited in difficult and surprising circumstances
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Thieves (Storycuts)
Thieves (Storycuts) Su Tong
A childhood friend's life of crime.
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Peerless (Storycuts)
Peerless (Storycuts) Rose Tremain
An old man finds his own way to change the world.
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Appetite (Storycuts)
Appetite (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
With her husband descending into the advanced stages of dementia, Vivian discovers that reading from his favourite cookery books can help.
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Hygiene (Storycuts)
Hygiene (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A trip to London reminds a man how things have moved on.
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Vigilance (Storycuts)
Vigilance (Storycuts) Julian Barnes
A connoisseur of classical music goes to extreme lengths to keep the audience quiet.
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Reach (Storycuts)
Reach (Storycuts) Rachel Seiffert
The connections between us often have strength belying our perceptions.
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Dimitroff (Storycuts)
Dimitroff (Storycuts) Rachel Seiffert
Jochen's resentment towards his father in Germany confuses his American wife.
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Rattlesnakes (Storycuts)
Rattlesnakes (Storycuts) Irvine Welsh
Three young Americans have a car crash in the Nevada desert, sparking an unexpected and brutal series of events.
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Casino (Storycuts)
Casino (Storycuts) John Grisham
A story of high-stakes and revenge following the construction of a casino.
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Antonyin's (Storycuts)
Antonyin's (Storycuts) Susan Hill
A wonderfully atmospheric tale of loneliness and alienation.
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Strange Times (Storycuts)
Strange Times (Storycuts) Georgia Blain
Nothing is as vivid, or as strange, as the memory of our school days.
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Merlo Girls (Storycuts)
Merlo Girls (Storycuts) Nick Earls
He is leading another life, or toying with the idea of it, practising it, here at Merlo.
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The Wardrobe (Storycuts)
The Wardrobe (Storycuts) Judy Nunn
A heart-warming short story of friendship and love from the pen of bestselling novelist Judy Nunn.
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Blood Lines (Storycuts)
Blood Lines (Storycuts) Ruth Rendell
A motive-less murder and several hit-and-runs perplex Detective Wexford.
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Burning End (Storycuts)
Burning End (Storycuts) Ruth Rendell
A normal family is secretly riven with cruelty and cold-heartedness.
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Evening Surgery (Storycuts)
Evening Surgery (Storycuts) Shena Mackay
A receptionist at a doctor's surgery discovers an illicit affair.
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Body Art (Storycuts)
Body Art (Storycuts) A S Byatt
The arrival of a young art student leads Damien to question his atheist convictions.
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Floating Bridge (Storycuts)
Floating Bridge (Storycuts) Alice Munro
A destabilising appointment leads to a strange journey home
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