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Shadow Tyrants: Oregon Files 13
Shadow Tyrants: Oregon Files 13 Clive Cussler, Boyd Morrison
The new rip-roaring OregonFiles adventure from the grand master of adventure, Clive Cussler.
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Shadow of the Mountain
Shadow of the Mountain Anna Mackenzie
A gripping novel for young adults by an award-winning writer, dealing with grief and loss, coming of age and decision-making.
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Shadow Of The Hawk
Shadow Of The Hawk Curtis Jobling
Book three in the Wereworld fantasy-adventure series from Curtis Jobling, the award-winning designer of Bob the Builder. 
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The Mosaic Of Shadows
The Mosaic Of Shadows Tom Harper
A thrilling epic of murder and intrigue in the age of the Crusades.
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The Library of Shadows
The Library of Shadows Mikkel Birkegaard
An engrossing literary thriller of intrigue and conspiracy.
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Shadow Of The Wall Christa Laird
A novel about risk and endurance as 14 year-old Misha struggles to stay alive in a Warsaw ghetto under Nazi rule.
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Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shadows Susan Lewis
The compelling new novel from the bestselling author of A French Affair and Missing.
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The Shadows Of Horses
The Shadows Of Horses Michael Keenan
Mike Keenan’s poignant memoir is a return to the bestselling territory of The Horses too are Gone
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Shadows Of The Mind
Shadows Of The Mind Roger Penrose
By the author of The Emperor's New Mind 'One of the most important works of the second half of the twentieth-century' The Times
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Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shadows Walt Odets
A radical and deeply considered new exploration of the construction of gay identity.
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Shadow Vigilantes
Shadow Vigilantes Paul H. Robinson, Sarah M. Robinson
A form of subtle vigilantism threatens to undermine the justice system and is eroding community trust in law enforcement.
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Field of Shadows
Field of Shadows Dan Waddell
The real story of a moment of sporting history, when an English cricket team took on Nazi Germany in 1937
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Shadow of the Silk Road
Shadow of the Silk Road Colin Thubron
Colin Thubron has been described as 'one of the two or three best living travel writers, in some ways probably the best' Independent. His new book is a masterpiece. Written in lovely prose, it displays all the skills for which he is renowned - scholarship lightly worn, sensitivity as well as sensibility, and a magical mix of fascinating experiences in the present and extraordinary evocations of the past.
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The Den Of Shadows Quartet
The Den Of Shadows Quartet Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Four complete novels. One captivating world. The New York Times-bestselling author's most popular novels bound together in one gorgeous volume.
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The Red Of His Shadow Mayra Montero
A haunting novel, with the power and clarity of a Greek tragedy, that immerses the reader deep in the world of Haitian voodoo.
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