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Lethal Guardian
Lethal Guardian M. William Phelps
New York Times bestselling author M. William Phelps, star of Investigation Discovery's Dark Minds, presents a real-life thriller about a brutal murder laced with treachery and deceit as a wealthy lawyer stops at nothing to gain custody of her estranged sister's daughter. First published in December 2008, this was the second true-crime book written by M. WIiliam Phelps. Now updated with the latest developments in the twisted case, this book confirms his position as a master of the true crime genre.
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Lethal Force
Lethal Force Tony Long
A hard-hitting memoir of life as frontline police marksman on Britain's streets
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A Lethal Frost
A Lethal Frost Danny Miller
The latest book in the bestselling prequel series, starring R. D. Wingfield's unforgettable creation Jack Frost - younger, greener and just as uncouth.
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Nightwing Vol. 8 Lethal Force
Nightwing Vol. 8 Lethal Force Chuck Dixon
Award-winning author Chuck Dixon concludes his groundbreaking run on Nightwing with a bang.
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