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An Angel At My Table
An Angel At My Table Janet Frame
With a heartfelt introduction from Jane Campion. Janet Frame brings the skill of an extraordinary novelist and poet to these vivid and haunting recollections.
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Towards Another Summer
Towards Another Summer Janet Frame
Suffused with beauty and tenderness and shot through with self-deprecating humour and frailty.
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Scary Plants!
Scary Plants! Janet Lawler
Danger! Watch out for these plants!
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Snow Hens
Snow Hens Janet Morgan Stoeke
The charming—but loopy—hens Midge, Pip, and Dot are back in their fourth easy-to-read adventure featuring Janet Morgan Stoeke’s hallmark humor and simple yet bold illustrations.
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Where Is The Tower Of London?
Where Is The Tower Of London? Janet B. Pascal
The Tower of London holds almost a thousand years' worth of secrets!
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