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Ranginui, Papatuanuku, Maui, Tawhaki . . . our enduring stories retold.
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The Gut-friendly Cookbook
The Gut-friendly Cookbook Alana Scott
Tasty dietitian-approved recipes for anyone with gut health issues.
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The Baker's Companion
The Baker's Companion Allyson Gofton
Everything you need to know about baking, from the iconic Allyson Gofton.
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The Plimmer Legacy
The Plimmer Legacy Bee Dawson
A wide-ranging family story stretching from the early days of European settlement of Wellington to contemporary farming in the Rangitikei area.
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Little Kiwi the Cool Mama
Little Kiwi the Cool Mama Bob Darroch
Little Kiwi thinks that parents have an easy time of it — until, in an emergency egg-sitting situation, he gets to find out the reality for himself!
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What You Wish For
What You Wish For Catherine Robertson
‘Absolutely worth discovering’ — Jenni Keestra, Radio Live
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A Place of Stone and Darkness
A Place of Stone and Darkness Chris Mousdale
'At last a fantasy novel with some depth . . . One of the best of the year' - Bob's Book Blog 'This is one of my top reads of 2019' - Goodreads, School Librarians
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Invisibly Breathing
Invisibly Breathing Eileen Merriman
'Eileen Merriman creates genuine teenage characters' - NZ Books
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Homemade Eleanor Ozich
Why spend money buying pre-packaged goods when you can make healthier, fresher versions at home?
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Granny McFlitter: A Country Yarn
Granny McFlitter: A Country Yarn Heather Haylock, Lael Chisholm
Granny McFlitter, the champion . . . bull fighter?
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The Indigo Bird
The Indigo Bird Helen Taylor
In spite of his brilliant blue feathers, Takahe is very good at hiding - in fact, he's so good that you might think he isn't there at all! But look carefully at the illustrations . . . can you help Fantail to find Takahe in every page of this story?
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Showtym Adventures 5: Koolio, the Problem Pony
Showtym Adventures 5: Koolio, the Problem Pony Kelly Wilson
The fifth book in a bestselling junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. The chance of a lifetime — training a dream pony into a champion!
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Save Make Do
Save Make Do Lyn Webster
With a Save Make Do attitude, you’ll soon be on the road to financial freedom – by making simple, healthy and sustainable choices.
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Womankind Margie Thomson, Simon Young
A landmark publication highlighting the achievements and diversity of the women of New Zealand.
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The Gulf Between
The Gulf Between Maxine Alterio
A journey back into the past, to the other side of the world . . .
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Pearly Gates
Pearly Gates Owen Marshall
Comeuppance comes from unexpected directions.
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How to Get to the Top of Google Search
How to Get to the Top of Google Search Richard Conway
Learn how to get your product or service onto the top page of Google searches.
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The Unreliable People
The Unreliable People Rosetta Allan
A whole community deported across Soviet Russia, a rice farmer and his wife separated through time, a young art student searching for her identity and for love . . .
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The Cat from Muzzle
The Cat from Muzzle Sally Sutton, Scott Tulloch
Over mountains and across rivers, this delightful true story traces a high-country cat’s epic, five-week journey home to New Zealand’s most remote station.
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