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Invisibly Breathing
Invisibly Breathing Eileen Merriman
'Eileen Merriman creates genuine teenage characters' - NZ Books
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Save Make Do
Save Make Do Lyn Webster
With a Save Make Do attitude, you’ll soon be on the road to financial freedom – by making simple, healthy and sustainable choices.
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Showtym Adventures 5: Koolio, the Problem Pony
Showtym Adventures 5: Koolio, the Problem Pony Kelly Wilson
The fifth book in a bestselling junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. The chance of a lifetime — training a dream pony into a champion!
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The Gulf Between
The Gulf Between Maxine Alterio
A journey back into the past, to the other side of the world . . .
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A Place of Stone and Darkness
A Place of Stone and Darkness Chris Mousdale
'At last a fantasy novel with some depth . . . One of the best of the year' - Bob's Book Blog 'This is one of my top reads of 2019' - Goodreads, School Librarians
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The Unreliable People
The Unreliable People Rosetta Allan
A whole community deported across Soviet Russia, a rice farmer and his wife separated through time, a young art student searching for her identity and for love . . .
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