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10 Futures
10 Futures Michael Pryor
Ten possible futures. Two lives. One enduring friendship.
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101 Great Science Experiments
101 Great Science Experiments DK
Make science fun with 101 amazing step-by-step science experiments for kids that are safe and easy to do at home
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A Life Underwater
A Life Underwater Charlie Veron
A Life Underwater is the extraordinary memoir of marine biologist Charlie Veron, a maverick Australian who transformed our understanding of coral reefs.
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A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra)
A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) BARBARA OAKLEY
In A Mind for Numbers, Dr. Oakley lets us in on the secrets to effectively learning math and science, based on insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology.  Contrary to popular belief, math requires creative, as well as analytical, thinking. 
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A Patch from Scratch
A Patch from Scratch Megan Forward
An earthy, down-at-home picture book showing all budding greenies how to grow their own backyard feast.
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Aliens, Ghosts and Vanishings
Aliens, Ghosts and Vanishings Stella Tarakson, Richard Morden
Have you heard the most bizarre tales from around Australia?
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Ask an Astronaut
Ask an Astronaut Tim Peake
The awe-inspiring Sunday Times Bestseller from astronaut Tim Peake
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Australia's Greatest Inventions and Innovations
Australia's Greatest Inventions and Innovations Christopher Cheng, Linsay Knight
In conjunction with the Powerhouse Museum comes this comprehensive guide to Australia's most innovative inventions as well as their amazing creators. Full of facts, photos and fun surprises for curious kids and grown-ups alike.
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Blast Off!
Blast Off! Shelly Unwin, Ben Wood
Are you ready to explore? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . .
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Caesar's Last Breath
Caesar's Last Breath Sam Kean
The fascinating science and history of the air we breathe ** GUARDIAN SCIENCE BOOK OF THE YEAR 2017 **
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Colin Furze: This Book Isn't Safe
Colin Furze: This Book Isn't Safe Colin Furze
The first practical inventions book for children by YouTuber Colin Furze!
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Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs
Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs Lisa Randall
The most thrilling, genre-busting, unlikely science book you’ll ever read, from the world-renowned, multi-award-winning, superstar physicist Lisa Randall
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Endurance Scott Kelly
From the Nasa astronaut who spent a record-breaking year aboard the International Space Station – what it’s like out there and what it’s like now, back here. Enter Scott Kelly's fascinating world and dare to think of your own a little differently.
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Florette Anna Walker
When Mae has to move house from the country to the city, she feels lonely and sad - until she discovers a beautiful place full of green in the centre of Paris. What she finds there sparks something special and beautiful that will make her feel much more at home.
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George's Secret Key to the Universe
George's Secret Key to the Universe Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking
The first in the global smash-hit George series written by Lucy Hawking and her father, Professor Stephen Hawking. Out-of-this-universe space adventures, plus exclusive, real-life information from the world's leading scientists - including Professor Hawking himself. Perfect for any curious mind.
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Girling Up
Girling Up Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik, star of The Big Bang Theory, puts her Ph.D. to work as she talks to teens about the science of growing up and getting ahead.
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Grandpa's Space Adventure
Grandpa's Space Adventure Paul Newman, Tom Jellett
I'm scared of the dark . . . But Grandpa says we can still have FUN so he’s taking me camping. Maybe I’ll be able to have space Adventures like him one day . . .
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How To Give Up Plastic
How To Give Up Plastic Will McCallum
A practical guide to cutting back the amount of plastic we use, by the Head of Oceans at Greenpeace.
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How to Make a Spaceship
How to Make a Spaceship Julian Guthrie
How a historic race gave birth to private space flight.
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Itch Simon Mayo
Meet Itch - an accidental, accident-prone hero. Science is his weapon. Elements are his gadgets. This is Alex Rider with Geek-Power!
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Machine Wars
Machine Wars Michael Pryor
The Bourne Identity meets The Terminator in this fast-paced technothriller for boys aged 10 to 14.
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