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Agency William Gibson
A thrilling dystopian novel imagining a world where Trump lost the election, from the master of science fiction.
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The Lost Love Song
The Lost Love Song Minnie Darke
The Lost Love Song is a bewitching novel about love, second chances and the power of music, from the author of the critically acclaimed, bestselling Star-crossed . . .
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Jane in Love
Jane in Love Rachel Givney
Jane Austen time-travels to the future and falls in love. But will she choose happiness in the present, or her career as a writer in the past?
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Sharks in the Time of Saviours
Sharks in the Time of Saviours Kawai Strong Washburn
A powerful debut novel that delicately blends Hawaiian myth with the broken American dream.
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A History of Britain in 12 Maps
A History of Britain in 12 Maps Philip Parker
An exploration of British history and identity through the examination of 12 critical maps.
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Money School
Money School Lacey Filipich
From the founder of Money School comes an approachable and inspiring guide to taking control of your money and your time so you can build the life you really want.
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Sweetness and Light
Sweetness and Light Liam Pieper
An intoxicating, unsettling story of the battle between light and dark, love and lust, morality and corruption
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The Banksia Bay Beach Shack
The Banksia Bay Beach Shack Sandie Docker
The heartwarming new family saga from the bestselling author of The Kookaburra Creek Café.
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Edie's Experiments 1: How to Make Friends
Edie's Experiments 1: How to Make Friends Charlotte Barkla, Sandy Flett
A new school, a classroom full of potential new friends and a science kit. What could possibly go wrong?
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Party Animals
Party Animals Samantha Maiden
How did Labor lose the unlosable election?
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Starting Secondary School
Starting Secondary School Michael Carr-Gregg, Sharon Witt
A parenting guide that deals with one of the most significant transition periods of a child’s life – starting secondary school.
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Aussie Kids: Meet Taj at the Lighthouse
Aussie Kids: Meet Taj at the Lighthouse Maxine Beneba Clarke, Nicki Greenberg
Aussie Kids is an exciting new series for emerging readers 6-8 years. From a NSW Zoo to a Victorian lighthouse, or an outback sheep farm in WA to a beach in QLD, this junior fiction series celebrates stories about children living in unique places in every state in Australia. 8 characters, 8 stories, 8 authors and illustrators from all 8 states! Come on an adventure with Aussie Kids and meet Taj from Victoria.
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Our House is on Fire
Our House is on Fire Malena Ernman, Beata Ernman, Svante Thunberg, Greta Thunberg
Every parent says that they would jump in front of a train to save their child. It's an instinct that no one denies. But when that 'train' finally arrives, it is very seldom a real, speeding locomotive . . .
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The Other People
The Other People C.J. Tudor
The chilling new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author C. J. Tudor.
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Into the Fire
Into the Fire Gregg Hurwitz
The astounding fifth novel from Gregg Hurwitz featuring Evan Smoak - Orphan X aka The Nowhere Man.
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Grown Ups
Grown Ups Marian Keyes
The new classic from the queen of contemporary fiction.
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Showtym Adventures 7: Jackamo, the Supreme Champion
Showtym Adventures 7: Jackamo, the Supreme Champion Kelly Wilson
The seventh book in an exciting junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. The race is on . . . will Vicki find a NEW champion?
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Watching from the Dark
Watching from the Dark Gytha Lodge
The worst thing he can imagine - and all he can do is watch . . . A taut and compelling new thriller from Gytha Lodge.
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The Recovery of Rose Gold
The Recovery of Rose Gold Stephanie Wrobel
A chilling exploration into obsession, reconciliation and revenge in 2020's must-read.
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The Two Lives of Lydia Bird
The Two Lives of Lydia Bird Josie Silver
The much anticipated and utterly captivating new novel from the author of the 2018 runaway sensation, One Day in December.
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Journey of the Pharaohs
Journey of the Pharaohs Clive Cussler, Graham Brown
The new rip-roaring thriller in the Numa series from the Grand Master of Adventure, Clive Cussler.
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