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Box Penelope Todd
I sat outside the box and sorted through my backpack; emptied everything and put it back... I did that each morning and it helped me feel real...
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Troggle The Troll
Troggle The Troll Nick Falk, Tony Lowe
Troggle is a small troll that would prefer to eat vegetables, not people.
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Pop Princess
Pop Princess Isabelle Merlin
A ticket to luxury . . . or a one-way trip to the underworld?
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Three Wishes
Three Wishes Isabelle Merlin
Silver shoes, a French castle, a dark mystery and a thrilling love triangle - a modern-day fairytale that fans of Meg Cabot and Stephenie Meyer will love!
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Laws Of Magic Sampler 1 - 6
Laws Of Magic Sampler 1 - 6 Michael Pryor
There's a magical and political storm brewing - and Aubrey Fitzwilliam is making sure he's right in the centre of it.
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Love You Two
Love You Two Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
When life, love and family aren’t what anyone said they’d be . . . Like LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI, this coming-of-age story stars a girl trying to find herself within a strong family environment.
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The Perfect Gift
The Perfect Gift Schattner And Schattner
'This is a book that parents should read with or to their children - both parent and child will get pleasure from the story, and both will learn something about themselves in the process.’ Professor Ian Frazer, Australian of the Year 2006
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Max Remy Superspy 1 & 2 Bindup
Max Remy Superspy 1 & 2 Bindup Deborah Abela
Discover a top-secret world of Matter Transporters, Invisible Jets and Spyforce in the first two books about Australia's favourite superspy!
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Omega Christine Harris
'They put us to sleep when they launched us into the darkness of space and time.
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Secret Girls' Stuff
Secret Girls' Stuff Margaret Clark
A fun novel from one of Australia’s best writers for children and young adults
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Baptism Of Fire
Baptism Of Fire Christine Harris
A shadow, a swift movement, a shout; it was quick. instinctively, she raised her arm to protect herself
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No Fat Chicks
No Fat Chicks Margaret Clark
If you like Famous For Five Minutes and Fat Chance, you're going to love this one!
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The Dragon Book
The Dragon Book Jack Dann, Gardner Dozois
Never-before-published stories by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors Jonathan Stroud, Garth Nix, Gregory Maguire, Diana Gabaldon and others!
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The Happiest Day Of My Life
The Happiest Day Of My Life Schattner And Schattner
Harry loves his life. He likes to ride his bicycle, and fly with the birds, and splash the fishes. But one day he finds out that someday he will die. Suddenly life is no longer fun. Only when Harry decides to live each day as if it's his last can he rediscover the joy in life.
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Captain Clawbeak
Captain Clawbeak Anne Morgan
“Waark, Doc’s having a babyling!” Captain Clawbeak can’t keep a family secret and will do anything to be in on the act.
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Watch This Space 2: In the Pink
Watch This Space 2: In the Pink Colin Thompson
The adventures of a family sent into space by a ruthless TV producer and the world's most intelligent robot will have you in stitches!
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Watch This Space 1: Out to Launch
Watch This Space 1: Out to Launch Colin Thompson
Kids adore Colin Thompson’s brand of off-the-planet humour. Now here’s an off-the-planet series to make them laugh even more!
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The Big Chocolate Bar
The Big Chocolate Bar Margaret Clark
A brilliantly funny novel by the author of Ghost on Toast and Hold My Hand - Or Else!, for kids who are sick and tired of health food.
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Famous For Five Minutes
Famous For Five Minutes Margaret Clark
Charmwood High and Year 8 plans to turn the school play, 'Romeo and Juliet' into a rock musical. Everything's moving along until someone mentions Equal Opportunity. There aren't enough roles for girls in this production.
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Hold My Hand Or Else
Hold My Hand Or Else Margaret Clark
What about all that stuff you keep reading about: the moonlit walks, the red roses, waves softly kissing the sandy shore? It doesn't exist.
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Web Watchers
Web Watchers Margaret Clark
Who wouldn't be excited by the endless possibilities of cyberspace! But there are dangers, too. The Evil Ones who want to rule the universe know that they can fulfill their aims by controlling all communication.
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No Standing Zone
No Standing Zone Margaret Clark
Three major stress factors... a marriage break-up, moving house, loss of income for the family, and a new school.
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A Piece Of Mind
A Piece Of Mind Phil Cummings
Matt finds himself pushed into awkward situation by his friends, Chunk and Fraser. He can't find the willpower to resist, to say no. He doesn't want to be labeled a wimp. So, they control him. But there is a greater force preying on Matt's mind, trying to take advantage of his weak will.
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Kiss And Make Up
Kiss And Make Up Margaret Clark
Lisa Trelaw has a big decision to make. She doesn’t know if she's won Teen Model of the Year or not, so should she go to Sydney and continue her modeling career?
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