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A Rising Man
A Rising Man Abir Mukherjee
India, 1919. Captain Sam Wyndham is confronted with a highly charged case: a senior official has been murdered, and a note in his mouth warns the British to leave India – or else...
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A Necessary Evil
A Necessary Evil Abir Mukherjee
India, 1920. Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police Force investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharajahs son
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Cutting For Stone
Cutting For Stone Abraham Verghese
An enthralling, exotic saga spanning five decades and three continents, rife with forbidden love and desire; betrayals, murder, medicine and family secrets.
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In the Wolf's Mouth
In the Wolf's Mouth Adam Foulds
The eagerly awaited follow-up to The Quickening Maze by the brilliant young prize-winner.
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You Are Not A Stranger Here?
You Are Not A Stranger Here? Adam Haslett
'Enormously moving-Haslett's writing is harrowing, morbidly funny and deeply erotic' Independent on Sunday
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Missing Fay
Missing Fay Adam Thorpe
A mysterious haunting novel starring a cast of brilliant eccentrics bound together by a missing girl
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Pieces Of Light
Pieces Of Light Adam Thorpe
A fascinating fictional investigation into the resonance of the past, both personal and ancient.
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Nineteen Twenty-One Adam Thorpe
A twenties love story and his most commercial novel since Ulverton.
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Shifts Adam Thorpe
Do we choose the job or does the job choose us?
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No Telling
No Telling Adam Thorpe
Adam Thorpe's finest novel since ULVERTON- and his most commercial
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The Rules Of Perspective
The Rules Of Perspective Adam Thorpe
Sixty years on: a great novel about the end of World War II - an acclaimed, riveting and moving masterpiece.
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The Long Weekend
The Long Weekend Adrian Tinniswood
The Sunday Times bestseller - a beautifully illustrated, evocative history of the English country house in the 20s and 30s
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Brit(ish) Afua Hirsch
The Sunday Times bestseller that reveals the uncomfortable truth about race in Britain today – and calls for urgent change
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Waiting For The Wild Beasts To Vote
Waiting For The Wild Beasts To Vote Ahmadou Kourouma
A magical, blackly funny tapestry of a book, which, through the rise and fall of its central character, the dictator of a small imaginary former French African colony, tells the story, bitter, painful and beautiful, of modern Africa.
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The Whole Hog
The Whole Hog Aidan Higgins
A sequel to Donkey' Years and Dog Days
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Sun And Shadow
Sun And Shadow Åke Edwardson
Meet Erik Winter: not a stereotypically glum detective. The youngest chief inspector in Sweden, he wears sharp suits, cooks gourmet meals, has a penchant for jazz and is about to become a father. But he has his share of troubles too: a bloody double murder on his doorstep is only the beginning.
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Never End
Never End Åke Edwardson
Detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter returns in a hard-boiled murder mystery about the dark and dirty underside of upstanding family life
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The Spell
The Spell Alan Hollinghurst
'A sparkling celebration of sexual intrigue... stylish, original, bizarrely beautiful' Francis Wyndham, Sunday Telegraph, Books of the Year
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The Sopranos
The Sopranos Alan Warner
'Compassionate and rioutously funny. It is a long time since I read a novel which had me rocking with laughter' The Times
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Morvern Callar
Morvern Callar Alan Warner
Brutal, erotic, jarringly poetic and rich in a blood-dark humour, Morvern Callar was the spectacular debut of an utterly original Scottish writer and winner of the Somerset Maugham Award
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The Stars in the Bright Sky
The Stars in the Bright Sky Alan Warner
Pitch perfect, darkly comic and brimming with life – in all its squalor rage, tears and laughter – this is an unforgettable story of female friendship
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Cinder Albert French
The outstanding follow-up to Albert French's BILLY (which Time magazine said 'may be the best first novel by a black author since Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye in 1969'), Cinder is a tale of racial division in Mississippi, leading up to and during WWII.
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