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Bear Is Now Asleep
Bear Is Now Asleep
A profoundly moving memoir of one family’s journey through grief and loss.
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We Of The Never-Never
We Of The Never-Never Aeneas Gunn
The 100th year anniversary of this well loved Australian Classic.
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Don't Tell Eve
Don't Tell Eve Airlie Lawson
Revenge. It’s an art.
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Orphans of The Empire
Orphans of The Empire Alan Gill
This is a book about the white stolen children - a lost tribe - who were sent to Australia with dreams of a better life, but who, in reality, often suffered great cruelty and abuse.
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Rosetta Alexandra Joel
The scandalous Australian woman who enchanted British society
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The Children's House
The Children's House Alice Nelson
Reminiscent of Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn, this is a breakthrough novel from a humane and perceptive writer exploring the traumas that divide families and the love and hope that creates them.
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Beyond Veiled Clichés
Beyond Veiled Clichés Amal Awad
Amal Awad spoke with women in the Arab world and Arab Australian women to discover what their lives are really like. The breadth, variety and beauty of what she discovered will surprise you.
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Fridays with my Folks
Fridays with my Folks Amal Awad
If we are ever going to truly get to know our parents, chances are it is going to happen during adulthood, long after we have tested each other’s limits and found a meeting place. And there is an even greater chance it will happen when the ‘normal life’ you once had is gone and you must reconfigure how you do things.
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The Rainbow Troops
The Rainbow Troops Andrea Hirata
The Indonesian record-breaking bestseller, in the tradition of Slumdog Millionaire and Shantaram.
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One Andrew Hutchinson
One is the loneliest number.
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Rohypnol Andrew Hutchinson
Reminds me of 'We need to talk about Kevin / Clockwork Orange / American Psycho' all rolled up in Melbourne town. Sanch, Readings
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The Genesis Enigma
The Genesis Enigma Andrew Parker
Why the bible is scientifically accurate.
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A Zero Waste Life
A Zero Waste Life Anita Vandyke
Want to make a change but don’t know where to start? The practical thirty-day guide to radically reducing your waste by 80%, from waste warrior Anita Vandyke.
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The Shoe Queen
The Shoe Queen Anna Davis
A tale of forbidden love and must-have shoes.
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The Last Pulse
The Last Pulse Anson Cameron
A blackly funny novel about an unlikely hero, and his misadventures on the flood he has created.
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Boyhoodlum Anson Cameron
A hilarious memoir and a crash-investigator’s report into how not to be a boy.
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Pepsi Bears and Other Stories
Pepsi Bears and Other Stories Anson Cameron
Daring and provocative short stories from one of Australia’s best comic writers.
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Stealing Picasso
Stealing Picasso Anson Cameron
From Australia's foremost comic novelist comes a hilarious satire of the art world, based on a true story.
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The Empire Of Eternity
The Empire Of Eternity Anthony O'Neill
In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Egypt. But hidden in the sands was a secret that conquered him. A brilliant novel by the acclaimed author of SCHEHEREZADE and THE LAMPLIGHTER.
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Broken Song
Broken Song Barry Hill
The biography of T. G. H. Strehlow and Aboriginal possession.
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The Perfect Glass Of  Wine
The Perfect Glass Of Wine Ben Canaider
A funny, fascinating worldwide journey in search of perfection in a wine glass from the bestselling co-writer of DRINK, DRANK, DRUNK.
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Eat First, Talk Later
Eat First, Talk Later Beth Yahp
A dazzling memoir from a talented Malaysian writer about family and home, and a searing portrait of the country of her birth.
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The End
The End Bianca Nogrady
A fascinating exploration of the universal human experience of death.
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