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The Samurai Inheritance
The Samurai Inheritance James Douglas
The explosive new adventure thriller from the bestselling author of The Doomsday Testament and The Excalibur Codex and a must read for the conspiracy thriller fan - from readers of Dan Brown and Sam Bourne to Chris Kuzneski and Raymond Khoury.
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Enemy of Rome
Enemy of Rome Douglas Jackson
Bravery and brutality at the heart of a Roman Empire in the throes of bloody civil war - Gaius Valerius Verrens returns in the new historical novel from a writer to rank alongside Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow.
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Scourge of Rome
Scourge of Rome Douglas Jackson
For fans of Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane, the spectacular new novel in Douglas Jackson's epic series sees Gaius Valerius Verrens banished from Rome only to be caught up in one of the most savage uprisings the Roman Empire had witnessed: the Judaean rebellion and the siege of Jerusalem.
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Isn't It Well For Ye?: The Book of Irish Mammies
Isn't It Well For Ye?: The Book of Irish Mammies Colm O'Regan
Everything you always wanted to know about the Irish Mammy . . . but were too timid to ask, weren't you pet?
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The Allotment Almanac
The Allotment Almanac Terry Walton
Life on the allotment month-by-month with all this much-loved Radio 2 gardener's best tips for vegetable-gardening success.
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The Magic of Reality
The Magic of Reality Richard Dawkins
A stunning collaboration between a world-famous scientist and outstanding illustrator
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All In My Head
All In My Head Lar Corbett
The controversial and revealing autobiography from one of hurling's greatest stars.
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His Brother's Wife
His Brother's Wife Val Wood
Rescued from poverty…but for better or worse?
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The Big Lie - Who Profits From Ireland’s Austerity?
The Big Lie - Who Profits From Ireland’s Austerity? Gene Kerrigan
A radical view of what lies behind the Irish recession.
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The Emperor of all Things
The Emperor of all Things Paul Witcover
This thrilling and acclaimed historical fantasy - set in a reimagined 18th-century - should strike a chord with readers of Susanna Clarke, Phillip Pullman and Neal Stephenson.
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Harris's List of the Covent Garden Ladies
Harris's List of the Covent Garden Ladies Hallie Rubenhold
This is the book that inspired ITV'S hit drama HARLOTS.
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Get the Guy
Get the Guy Matthew Hussey
The essential guide for women who want to find - and keep - their perfect man.
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Feelgood Family Food
Feelgood Family Food Dean Edwards
Over 80 healthy, tasty and fuss-free family meals from ITV daytime chef Dean Edwards.
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The Watchman of Eternity
The Watchman of Eternity Paul Witcover
Set in a reimagined 18th-century, the enthralling sequel to the acclaimed historical fantasy, The Emperor of All Things that should strike a chord with readers of Susanna Clarke, Phillip Pullman and Neal Stephenson.
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Meadowland John Lewis-Stempel
A love song to the land. A magical month by month observation through parted grass of the flora and fauna of a meadow.
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High Rollers
High Rollers Jack Bowman
Airline crashes. Gambling. Gangsters. Take the ultimate high octane thrill ride - Do NOT read this on a plane
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Bleed Like Me
Bleed Like Me Cath Staincliffe
Real women. Gritty lives. Gruesome murders. The second book - and prequel to the second ITV Scott and Bailey series - featuring the straight-talking Manchester detective duo Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott, and their dynamic boss Gill Murray.
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Crocodile Tears
Crocodile Tears Mark O'Sullivan
Murder is an ugly business...
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Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs Mark O'Sullivan
Second Inspector Leo Woods thriller, from the author of the acclaimed Crocodile Tears.
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Dear Thing
Dear Thing Julie Cohen
A bittersweet story about love and motherhood: Claire, who desperately wants a baby, and Romily, the woman who’s carrying it for her...who is secretly in love with Claire’s husband.
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