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The Mango's Kiss
The Mango's Kiss Albert Wendt
An epic novel stretching out from Samoa to Europe, America and New Zealand, from the turn of the nineteenth century, through the First World War, the Spanish Influenza Epidemic and beyond.
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The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence
The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence Catherine Robertson
The entertaining companion novel to the best-selling The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid.
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Work in Progress
Work in Progress Paul Thomas
This novel is an acute, darkly comic portrayal of changing times and sexual mores, and the baby boomer generation in the shadow of mid-life crisis.
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Wednesday's Child
Wednesday's Child Val Bird
A unique and compulsive insight that will make you weep - and laugh.
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Relative Strangers
Relative Strangers Emma Neale
Moving, acutely observed and psychologically deep, this fine novel captures and illuminates past and contemporary relationships.
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Dance of the Peacocks
Dance of the Peacocks James McNeish
The true story of five talented young men in exile in the time of Hitler and Mao Tse-Tung.
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Maori Boy
Maori Boy Witi Ihimaera
This is the first volume of Witi Ihimaera's enthralling, award-winning memoir, packed with stories from the formative years of this much-loved writer.
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Little Sister
Little Sister Julian Novitz
A noir novel, creepy and compelling
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Inheritance Jenny Pattrick
A compelling and vivid novel from one of New Zealand's favourite writers.
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The Random Reader
The Random Reader Various Authors
From fifteen of New Zealand's finest short-fiction practitioners come stories to delight, amuse and move.
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The Random Reader
The Random Reader
Wonderful selection of funny and touching stories written by top New Zealand authors, such as Margaret Mahy, Joy Cowley, Kate de Goldi, David Hill and many other stars of children's literature. It's perfect for children from 5 to 105, with its focus on fun, good writing, cheekiness and word play.
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State Ward
State Ward Alan Duff
A moving, powerful novel about facing your crimes, about freedom and about redemption, from the renowned author of Once Were Warriors.
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The Wedding At Bueno-Vista
The Wedding At Bueno-Vista Shonagh Koea
Wry and poignant, this quirky novel is about resilience and defiance in the face of loss.
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Three Pretty Widows
Three Pretty Widows Barbara Else
A delicately layered, humorous novel, deliciously written, ranging over time and place.
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Royce, Royce, the People's Choice
Royce, Royce, the People's Choice Peter Hawes
A hilarious love story about a teenager and a fish.
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Shackleton's Whisky
Shackleton's Whisky Neville Peat
Vivid account of Ernest Shackleton's 1907 Antarctic Expedition, and the cases of Mackinlay's single malt whisky that he left behind.
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Making a Difference
Making a Difference Owen Glenn
The story behind Owen Glenn's global business success and major philanthropic contributions
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Eating Dirt
Eating Dirt Steve Gurney
Outdoor adventures and advice on resilience from extreme athlete Steve Gurney, author of the bestselling Lucky Legs.
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The Warrior Queen
The Warrior Queen Barbara Else
The Warrior Queen is a subversive, funny novel about modern middle­-class marriage
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Night Swimming
Night Swimming Emma Neale
A stunning coming of age novel about running away.
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Backwards to Forwards
Backwards to Forwards Kevin Ireland
A lyrically written memoir showing the growth of a writer and his unique perceptions of the 1950s, 60s and beyond
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Gingerbread Husbands
Gingerbread Husbands Barbara Else
A touching, tender and witty novel about men and women and family life
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Harlequin Rex
Harlequin Rex Owen Marshall
Winner of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards Deutz Medal for Fiction.
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The Lonely Margins of the Sea
The Lonely Margins of the Sea Shonagh Koea
Witty and ironic, this novel follows an intriguing return to the family home on the lonely margins of the sea.
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