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Cemetery Lake
Cemetery Lake Paul Cleave
A heart-thumping, no-holds-barred murder-mystery that keeps you guessing until the very last page.
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Lin and the Red Stranger
Lin and the Red Stranger Ken Catran
A poignant yound adult novel set in the goldfields of Otago during the 1860s goldrush.
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Red Leader Down
Red Leader Down Ken Catran
YA thriller about a teen discovering the truth of his grandfather's terrible past as a World War Two fighter pilot.
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Paddy's Puzzle
Paddy's Puzzle Fiona Kidman
Shortlisted for the New Zealand Book Awards.
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The Best of Shonagh Koea's Short Stories
The Best of Shonagh Koea's Short Stories Shonagh Koea
Blackly humorous yet poignant and multi-levelled, finely crafted and thoroughly entertaining, this short-story collection is from a unique writer with a rare and distinctive talent.
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Time for a Killing
Time for a Killing Shonagh Koea
The celebrated author of gentle despair and stylish horror takes a picaresque and light-hearted tilt at prostitution, the Mafia, real estate and the supernatural in this entertaining urban fairytale.
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Owl Joanna Orwin
A gripping adventure based on an ancient Maori myth is brought to life in this award-winning junior novel.
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Sea Dreamer
Sea Dreamer Elizabeth Pulford
A powerful young adult novel about the importance of friendship and love for teen girls.
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The Unknown Zone
The Unknown Zone Phil Smith
A powerful, gripping and passionate award winning young adult novel of land rights, Maori spirituality, coming-of-age and love.
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Somebodies and Nobodies
Somebodies and Nobodies Brian Turner
Honest and insightful, this memoir is a revealing picture of our recent past, of sport and poetry, the spirit of New Zealand's south and its distinctive people.
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No Mean Feat
No Mean Feat Mark Inglis
How a man who lost both legs below the knee overcame the odds to achieve incredible academic, sporting and industrial success, including a Paralympic medal in cycling.
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Legs On Everest
Legs On Everest Mark Inglis
The remarkable story of how a double amputee from New Zealand made it to the top of Mt Everest - and back down again.
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Endometriosis Andrea Molloy
Easy-to-understand material on endometriosis, which can often be debilitating and is increasingly common.
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Redesign Your Life
Redesign Your Life Andrea Molloy
Create your ideal life in 12 weeks by making positive changes to your health, fitness, relationships, career, finances and leisure.
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Breathe, Stretch & Move
Breathe, Stretch & Move Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
Break the cycle of tension and exhaustion in the workplace and learn how to have greater energy through correct breathing.
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Tracey Richardson
Tracey Richardson Tracey Richardson
Motivational autobiography of a morbidly obese mother of children with cystic fibrosis, who radically changed her life to become an Ironman competitor.
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I Am Always With You
I Am Always With You Philip Temple
Based on real events in Germany, this vividly told and deeply moving novel tells of one woman's love for a fellow artist, her struggle to survive the war and her desperation to keep alive the spirit of creativity.
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White Shadows
White Shadows Philip Temple
Mysterious and evocative, tantalising and erotic, this unique novel explores the qualities of love and obsession.
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Great Family Dinners
Great Family Dinners Helen Jackson
Ten easy to prepare, family-friendly recipes for cooks in a hurry.
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Asthma Free
Asthma Free Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
Retrain your breathing to manage your asthma medication and stress.
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The Virgin and the Whale
The Virgin and the Whale Carl Nixon
A touching, clever novel about stories, about using them to create your own identity, and about the way they can forge bonds of love.
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Never Put All Your Eggs in One Bastard
Never Put All Your Eggs in One Bastard Peta Mathias
Funny, passionate, outrageous and honest, this is a memoir about travel, house renovations, food, music, men and change.
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Parenting Tips: Toilet Training
Parenting Tips: Toilet Training Diane Levy
How to get your child from nappies and diapers into using the toilet themselves, written by a leading expert.
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Parenting Tips: Bullying
Parenting Tips: Bullying Diane Levy
How to help your child deal wth bullying, with strategies and practical advice from a parenting expert.
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