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The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Fforbes
The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Fforbes Catherine Robertson
Another entertaining novel from this internationally published writer.
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The Fall of Light
The Fall of Light Sarah Laing
An excitingly contemporary and innovative blend of a beautifully written novel with pictures by a critically acclaimed author.
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White Lies
White Lies Witi Ihimaera
A powerful, prize-winning novella from the much-loved author of The Whale Rider, plus a moving screenplay, film stills and commentary on writing and movie making.
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A Needle in the Heart
A Needle in the Heart Fiona Kidman
‘Each story is rich in dialogue, characterization and evocative imagery of our heartland and its people’ - Next
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The Sixth Man
The Sixth Man James McNeish
Paddy Costello was a scholar, a soldier, a diplomat, a maverick, an exemplary father, a lover of good wine. But was he also a spy?
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Fish 'n' Chip Shop Song and Other Stories
Fish 'n' Chip Shop Song and Other Stories Carl Nixon
Each beautifully told story in this fine collection resonates with a moving depth of emotional understanding.
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About Turns
About Turns Maggie Rainey-Smith
This novel, with its humorous insights into New Zealand women and their allegiances, will have you and your friends laughing in unison.
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Wind Driven
Wind Driven Wendy Kinney-Kendall
Inspiring story of how a New Zealand woman, four-time Olympic windsurfing champion got to the top — and stayed there.
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Holocaust Tours
Holocaust Tours Julian Novitz
Holocaust Tours is funny, fierce and unafraid: a first novel that questions what history means to us now.
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Dear Vincent
Dear Vincent Mandy Hager
Powerful YA novel by an award-winning writer about a teenager coming to terms with the suicide of her sister.
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Cattra's Legacy
Cattra's Legacy Anna Mackenzie
Magnificent YA fantasy adventure story, with a romance at its heart, this book is a page-turner.
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What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent
What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent Doggy Dan
Charismatic dog trainer Doggy Dan shares his insights and tips into how working with dogs has helped him bring up his children.
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Felix and the Red Rats
Felix and the Red Rats James Norcliffe
Fantasy, adventure and realism combine in a junior fiction novel by an award-winning writer.
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When Our Jack Went to War
When Our Jack Went to War Sandy McKay
A powerful and moving YA story about two brothers, one of whom goes off to fight in World War One.
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Legend Paul Goldsmith
The story of New Zealand's most successful exporter and its head, Bill Gallagher, who built on the invention of an electric fence to make the company a world leader in its field.
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Love Your Hair
Love Your Hair Richard Kavanagh
How to create high-fashion hair styles at home, by top stylist Richard Kavanagh.
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Ready Fire Aim: The Mainfreight Story
Ready Fire Aim: The Mainfreight Story Keith Davies
The lively, insider story of the rise and rise of New Zealand's most successful logistics company
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The Paua Tower
The Paua Tower Coral Atkinson
Set in a pivotal moment in our history, this love story is about how we once were, or might have been.
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Turbulence Maggie Rainey-Smith
In this wryly funny novel, Adam tries to juggle midlife, an ex-wife, a new partner and a careering career as he contemplates life’s promises and pitfalls.
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The Treaty
The Treaty Marcia Stenson
A clear and concise explanation of the Treaty of Waitangi for everyday readers.
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The Beetle In the Box
The Beetle In the Box Chris Else
Part fairy tale and part philosophical exploration, this compelling fictional love story is witty and subtle, full of insight into the peculiar blend of reason and passion that makes up our humanity.
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Belief Stephanie Johnson
An epic novel of love and religion that sweeps across New Zealand and America at the turn of the nineteenth century.
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Aspirations Andrea Molloy
Easy-to-use, eight-step guide to developing your own personal success strategy.
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The Cleaner
The Cleaner Paul Cleave
Surprising and compelling, this powerfully written novel is a terrifyingly vivid rendering of the mind of a serial killer.
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