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Malcolm & Juliet
Malcolm & Juliet Bernard Beckett
The sixth novel by the award-winning author of Genesis
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No Alarms
No Alarms Bernard Beckett
A story that speaks to a whole generation of disillusioned teenagers - and reveals something to those who are not.
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The Farm At Black Hills
The Farm At Black Hills Beverley Forrester
An engaging woman-against-the-odds story about an entrepreneurial South Island sheep farmer.
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Menopause Beverley Lawton
A clear, no-nonsense approach to menopause by an expert in the field.
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Born to Fly
Born to Fly Bill Reid
The thrilling and entertaining lives of New Zealand’s helicopter dynasty.
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Fighting Talk
Fighting Talk Bob Jones
From 'A Low Blow' to 'Went the Distance', a fascinating and lively examination of the regular use of terms from the boxing ring in our everyday language.
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The Earth Cries Out
The Earth Cries Out Bonnie Etherington
'This is a substantial and evocative work' - Otago Daily Times
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Blue Brandy Wehinger
Zombie story with plenty to sink your teeth into: romance, supernatural monsters and a good dose of blood and gore.
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Lizzie, Love
Lizzie, Love Brenda Delamain
A fascinating historical novel for young adults set in pioneer New Zealand.
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Easy Chicken Recipes
Easy Chicken Recipes Brett McGregor
Ten easy recipes using chicken
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Somebodies and Nobodies
Somebodies and Nobodies Brian Turner
Honest and insightful, this memoir is a revealing picture of our recent past, of sport and poetry, the spirit of New Zealand's south and its distinctive people.
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Gods And Little Fishes
Gods And Little Fishes Bruce Ansley
A heartfelt, hilarious and warm-hearted memoir of New Zealand in the 1960s.
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A Long Slow Affair of the Heart
A Long Slow Affair of the Heart Bruce Ansley
Wine, food, love, a canal boat and France. Craving adventure, a writer goes in search of happiness on the French canals. Will his marriage make it home again?
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Easy Pork Recipes
Easy Pork Recipes Cameron Petley
Ten easy recipes using pork.
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Fish 'n' Chip Shop Song and Other Stories
Fish 'n' Chip Shop Song and Other Stories Carl Nixon
Each beautifully told story in this fine collection resonates with a moving depth of emotional understanding.
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The Virgin and the Whale
The Virgin and the Whale Carl Nixon
A touching, clever novel about stories, about using them to create your own identity, and about the way they can forge bonds of love.
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Reading the Signs
Reading the Signs Carl Nixon
A world full of signs, but can you trust what they say? A clever and touching short story about fathers and sons and reading what we signify to each other.
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Settlers' Creek
Settlers' Creek Carl Nixon
A poignant and contentious novel by a rising star of New Zealand literature.
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Rocking Horse Road
Rocking Horse Road Carl Nixon
Much more than a murder mystery, this powerful novel is about coming of age and loss of innocence.
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The Unquiet
The Unquiet Carolyn McCurdie
A gripping fantasy adventure novel for young readers.
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Surviving Breast Cancer
Surviving Breast Cancer Carolyn Weston
Eleven heartfelt and encouraging stories recounting the experiences women have gone through on their road back to good health.
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The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence
The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence Catherine Robertson
The entertaining companion novel to the best-selling The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid.
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The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Fforbes
The Misplaced Affections of Charlotte Fforbes Catherine Robertson
Another entertaining novel from this internationally published writer.
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The Hiding Places
The Hiding Places Catherine Robertson
A prize-winning novel from a bestselling author.
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