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Anticipation Tanya Moir
This rich and darkly funny novel is about family history and the risk and power of knowledge.
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Aspirations Andrea Molloy
Easy-to-use, eight-step guide to developing your own personal success strategy.
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Asthma Free
Asthma Free Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
Retrain your breathing to manage your asthma medication and stress.
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At the Big Red Rooster
At the Big Red Rooster William Taylor
Ever had to dance with a giantess in public? Twenty five funny, sad, frightening and exciting stories by an award-winning writer for young adults.
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At the End of Darwin Road
At the End of Darwin Road Fiona Kidman
An evocative memoir about the emergence of a writer in a changing world
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Aunt Effie and Mrs Grizzle
Aunt Effie and Mrs Grizzle Jack Lasenby
Wonderful, funny junior fiction for children from talented storyteller Jack Lasenby. Ideal for reading aloud, this deliciously wicked romp with Aunt Effie and her crew is guaranteed to entertain and astonish.
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Aunt Effie and the Island That Sank
Aunt Effie and the Island That Sank Jack Lasenby
The third, crazy, Spike Milliganesque story in the hilarious Aunt Effie series for junior readers.
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Aunt Effie's Ark
Aunt Effie's Ark Jack Lasenby
The second book in the hilarious and outrageous 'Aunt Effie' series for junior readers.
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Backwards to Forwards
Backwards to Forwards Kevin Ireland
A lyrically written memoir showing the growth of a writer and his unique perceptions of the 1950s, 60s and beyond
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Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors Ngaire Thomas
A gripping and revealing first-hand account of one family's experience in the Exclusive Brethren community in New Zealand
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Being Magdalene
Being Magdalene Fleur Beale
The gripping sequel to the award-winning and bestselling YA novels I am not Esther and I am Rebecca.
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Belief Stephanie Johnson
An epic novel of love and religion that sweeps across New Zealand and America at the turn of the nineteenth century.
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Billy and Old Smoko
Billy and Old Smoko Jack Lasenby
Very funny, must-read-aloud yarn for junior readers about the fantasical adventures of a talking horse and a boy looking for his mother.
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Billy Bird
Billy Bird Emma Neale
Moving, insightful, lyrical and also at times very funny, this novel is a supple, disarmingly frank exploration of parenthood.
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Bird On a Wire
Bird On a Wire Theresa Gattung
Inside the high pressure, brutalising CEO world with New Zealand's highest profile businesswoman.
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Black Earth White Bones
Black Earth White Bones Chris Else
From one of New Zealand's most thoughtful writers, not just a finely crafted novel but a whole country, complete with dark undertones.
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Blackpeak Station
Blackpeak Station Holly Ford
A compelling rural romance set in the rugged high country of New Zealand’s South Island.
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Blackpeak Vines
Blackpeak Vines Holly Ford
A mother and daughter arrive at Blackpeak Vineyard in search of a new life and new love in this sizzling romance.
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Blake: Leader
Blake: Leader Mark Orams
How to lead winning teams: an insider's insight into the leadership of yachting legend Sir Peter Blake.
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Blessed Are
Blessed Are Sarah-Kate Lynch
A delightfully funny novel about the perfect recipe for love - and cheese.
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Blood Men
Blood Men Paul Cleave
A suspense-filled novel from the internationally acclaimed crime writer.
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Blue Brandy Wehinger
Zombie story with plenty to sink your teeth into: romance, supernatural monsters and a good dose of blood and gore.
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Book Book
Book Book Fiona Farrell
An evocative and moving mix of memoir and fiction from an award-winning novelist.
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