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Sea Fever: From First Date to First Mate
Sea Fever: From First Date to First Mate Angela Meyer
A love story, a modern escape fantasy and a funny, sharp, observant page-turner of a read.
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High Street to Homestead
High Street to Homestead Angela Williams
From her Grey Lynn apartment to one of New Zealand’s most historic homesteads and horse studs, this is an inspirational journey from a corporate life working with Louis Vuitton back to the golden hills of rural Wairarapa.
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Replacement Girl
Replacement Girl Ann Beaglehole
Set in 1950s to 1970s New Zealand, this novel vividly brings the Jewish immigrant experience to life.
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Cattra's Legacy
Cattra's Legacy Anna Mackenzie
Magnificent YA fantasy adventure story, with a romance at its heart, this book is a page-turner.
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Donnel's Promise
Donnel's Promise Anna Mackenzie
An absorbing fantasy for young adult readers. Feisty heroine Risha becomes the rightful heir to her mother’s kingdom, but is caught between two armies and her own tangled allegiances.
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Evie's War
Evie's War Anna Mackenzie
They offered up the innocence of a generation . . .
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Finder's Shore
Finder's Shore Anna Mackenzie
This gripping final volume in The Sea-wreck Stranger trilogy for young adults offers post-apocalyptic science fiction at its best.
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Ebony Hill
Ebony Hill Anna Mackenzie
Shortlisted for the 2011 NZ Post Children's Book Awards, Young Adult Fiction category, this powerful post-apocalyptic drama is a sequel to the award-winning novel The Sea-wreck Stranger.
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Shadow of the Mountain
Shadow of the Mountain Anna Mackenzie
A gripping novel for young adults by an award-winning writer, dealing with grief and loss, coming of age and decision-making.
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The Sea-wreck Stranger
The Sea-wreck Stranger Anna Mackenzie
Riveting post-apocalyptic YA fantasy, this is an award-winning thriller you can't put down.
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Wise Heart
Wise Heart Annah Stretton
A 10-step formula for business success and life balance from a woman who walks the talk
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Stress Less
Stress Less Averil Overton
Understand your stress triggers and develop resilience and mindfulness so you can cope well.
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Three Pretty Widows
Three Pretty Widows Barbara Else
A delicately layered, humorous novel, deliciously written, ranging over time and place.
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The Warrior Queen
The Warrior Queen Barbara Else
The Warrior Queen is a subversive, funny novel about modern middle­-class marriage
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Gingerbread Husbands
Gingerbread Husbands Barbara Else
A touching, tender and witty novel about men and women and family life
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The Case of the Missing Kitchen
The Case of the Missing Kitchen Barbara Else
Accessible, warm and witty, Barbara Else's fifth novel is her most effervescent.
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Eating Peacocks
Eating Peacocks Barbara Else
This poignant, funny novel explores the intricate influences of memory and experience, invention and deception.
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Snow On the Lindis
Snow On the Lindis Bee Dawson, Madge Snow
A station matriarch recounts a life lived on the famous Morven Hills Station.
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Drowning City
Drowning City Ben Atkins
A compelling noir novel, set in the 1930s, echoing elements of classic hardboiled fiction while foreshadowing contemporary ills.
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A Fish In the Swim of the World
A Fish In the Swim of the World Ben Brown
Afffecting, evocative memoir by one of New Zealand's finest Maori writers.
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Acid Song
Acid Song Bernard Beckett
Forty-eight hours in the lives of characters headed for a showdown, grippingly told by an award-winning novelist.
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Falling for Science
Falling for Science Bernard Beckett
Brilliant examination of evolution vs creationism and of Intelligent Design by an award-winning author.
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Home Boys
Home Boys Bernard Beckett
The powerful young adult novel about two boys forced to leave London after the Second World War, and who take off on the run.
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