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#singlebutdating Nikki Goldstein
Ten Steps to a More Datable You
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100 Cupboards
100 Cupboards N. D. Wilson
A fantasy adventure written in the best world-hopping tradition
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100 Cupboards 2: Dandelion Fire
100 Cupboards 2: Dandelion Fire N. D. Wilson
N. D. Wilson continues the story he began in 100 CUPBOARDS, as Henry discovers his rightful heritage in an adventure that spans multiple worlds - each more imaginative than the last.
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100 Great Icons
100 Great Icons Chris Sheedy, Jenny Bond
Fascinating histories of products that have forever imprinted themselves on our cultural identity.
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100% Hero
100% Hero Jayne Lyons
Freddy the werewolf boy must come to the rescue again when his father is captured in wolf form and put in the zoo. How can one silly, vain, un-heroic boy save the day?
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100% Wolf
100% Wolf Jayne Lyons
Shock horror! Utter humiliation! Freddy’s first werewolf transformation has turned him into a poodle!
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101 Things Your GP Would Tell You If Only There Was Time
101 Things Your GP Would Tell You If Only There Was Time Gillian Deakin
This book is an essential tool in the management of your most important asset: your good health.
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1914: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
1914: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Paul Ham
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, by a Bosnian-Serb terrorist in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914, precipitated the July crisis that brought war to Europe.
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1914: The Belgian Massacres
1914: The Belgian Massacres Paul Ham
In the early stages of World War 1 some 800,000 German troops defied Belgian neutrality and marched across the border.
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3 Willows
3 Willows Ann Brashares
It is a new summer. And a new sisterhood. Come grow with them.
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90 Day Geisha
90 Day Geisha Chelsea Haywood
This is the true story of one girl's immersion in the world of hostessing, a late-night entertainment for wealthy Japanese men drawn from the traditional institution of the geisha.
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A Brief History Of Montmaray
A Brief History Of Montmaray Michelle Cooper
I need to write down what has just happened. I need to set down the truth. If I write lies or if I write nothing at all, this journal is worthless. I must do this, in case anything happens. All right. This is what happened tonight, every single terrible thing that I can remember . . .
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A Bush Christmas
A Bush Christmas Margareta Osborn
A gloriously funny and hopelessly romantic Christmas novella set in the beautiful Australia bush of East Gippsland from one of the stars of the rural genre.
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A Certain Music
A Certain Music Celeste Walters, Anne Spudvilas
A fairytale in the tradition of Hans Christian Andersen – heart-warming and enchanting.
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A Child's Book of True Crime
A Child's Book of True Crime Chloe Hooper
'People don't make this kind of fuss for nothing. Hooper's novel is extraordinary...there's a confidence and imagination in the writing that you rarely see in a first novel.' Kerryn Goldsworthy, THE AUSTRALIAN
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A Dangerous Crossing
A Dangerous Crossing Rachel Rhys
With its intoxicating mix of murder mystery and a fateful love story, A Dangerous Crossing is an enthralling novel in the great tradition of Agatha Christie and Patricia Highsmith.
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A Deadly Secret
A Deadly Secret Matt Birkbeck
The recent arrest in New Orleans and the HBO documentaryThe Jinx - scheduled to air on Fox in Australia in May - have put Robert Durst back in the headlines. Here, from the first reporter to access Durst’s NYPD files, is the authoritative account of a decades-long criminal odyssey—the very book found in Durst’s own apartment when it was searched by police.
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A Fatal Tide
A Fatal Tide Steve Sailah
A powerful novel set in Gallipoli, that’s part war-story and part mystery. 'Amid Gallipoli's slaughter he hunted a murderer . . .'
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A First Place
A First Place David Malouf
A collection of personal essays and writing from David Malouf to celebrate his 80th birthday.
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A Fringe Of Leaves
A Fringe Of Leaves Patrick White
From the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
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A Guide to Berlin
A Guide to Berlin Gail Jones
Shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards and Longlisted for the 2016 Stella Prize. 'A Guide to Berlin' is the name of a short story written by Vladimir Nabokov in 1925, when he was a young man of 26, living in Berlin.
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A Letter To Sophie
A Letter To Sophie Carolyn Delezio, Ron Delezio
A moving and beautiful collectionfrom Sophie Delezio's Mum and Dad’s private diaries
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A Life On Pittwater
A Life On Pittwater Susan Duncan
This special story edition takes the words from Susan Duncan's bestselling A Life on Pittwater and offers a rare glimpse of a remarkable part of the world.
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A Night at the Pink Poodle
A Night at the Pink Poodle Matthew Condon
Glitz and glamour, greed and sleaze, fall and redemption. It’s all happening on the Gold Coast.
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