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Worm Story
Worm Story Morris Gleitzman
Wilton has a bad feeling in his tummy. The one he lives in. Can one worm discover new worlds and save his friends from destruction?  Wilton is about to find out.
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Aristotle's Nostril
Aristotle's Nostril Morris Gleitzman
Aristotle just wants to be happy. And, if possible, have the biggest adventure of his life. With no sneezing. Is that too much for a germ to ask?
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Snot Chocolate
Snot Chocolate Morris Gleitzman
A collection of short stories in the popular style of Morris Gleitzman's Give Peas a Chance and Pizza Cake - except, of course, even funnier!
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Toad Delight
Toad Delight Morris Gleitzman
Limpy returns in the latest hilarious wart-tingling Toad story from Morris Gleitzman.
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Grace Morris Gleitzman
A thought-provoking and compassionate novel from the award-winning author of Boy Overboard, Girl Underground and the Felix stories: Once, Then, Now, After, Soon and Maybe.
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