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A Bigger Sky
A Bigger Sky Pamela Weiss
Reimagining Buddhism through a feminine lens: A powerful memoir of healing, strength, and spiritual awakening.
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A Buddhist Journal
A Buddhist Journal Beth Jacobs, Ph.D.
A guided journal that provides writing techniques and exercises that are matched with Buddhist meditation instructions and teachings
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A New Republic Of The Heart
A New Republic Of The Heart Terry Patten
Terry Patten asserts that we are living at the center of a multidimensional and radical revolution. Recasting current problems as emergent opportunities, he points out humans’ natural tendency to evolve during periods of acute crisis and offers creative responses, practices, and conscious conversations for tackling the profound inner and outer work we must do to build an integral future.
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A Parent's Guide to Crystals
A Parent's Guide to Crystals The Group of 5, Maggie Smith
Illustrated by lively full-color photographs throughout, A Parent's Guide to Crystals addresses the diverse physical and emotional spiritual needs of children during major developmental stages and events.
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A Woman's Place
A Woman's Place Kylie Cheung
A fearless primer to the feminism we need now: tactics for advancing reproductive justice, promoting intersectionality, and pushing back against misogyny, gaslighting, and patriarchal systems of oppression
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