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"She Must Have Known" Brian Masters
The authoritative book on the Frederick and Rosemary West case by the master of the genre.
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44 Charles Street
44 Charles Street Danielle Steel
A fabulous read about one life-changing year for the inhabitants of a brownstone in Greenwich Village – involving, moving, this is Danielle Steel at her best
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A Blink of the Screen
A Blink of the Screen Terry Pratchett
A collection of shorter fiction from Terry Pratchett, spanning the whole of his writing career from schooldays to Discworld and the present day.
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A Crooked Mile
A Crooked Mile Ruth Hamilton
A young girl's struggle for survival.
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A Dark and Twisted Tide
A Dark and Twisted Tide Sharon Bolton
The twisty, chilling new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Like This, For Ever.
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A Day in Your Life
A Day in Your Life Hilary Jones
A fascinating insight into the human body and what goes on behind the scenes of your daily routine
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A Gift of Hope
A Gift of Hope Danielle Steel
A moving and inspirational true story
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A Good Day to Die
A Good Day to Die Simon Kernick
A dark, gripping thiller set in London’s meanest of mean streets, featuring ex-cop Dennis Milne.
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A Good Woman
A Good Woman Danielle Steel
From the glittering ballrooms of Manhattan to the fires of World War I, Danielle Steel takes us on an unforgettable journey in her new novel – a spellbinding tale of war, loss, history, and one woman’s unbreakable spirit. . .
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A House Divided Catherine Cookson
The reissue of a classic novel from one of Britain's best-loved storytellers.
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A Kentish Lad Frank Muir
The autobiography of one of the most respected and enduring figures in British entertainment.
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A Killing Frost
A Killing Frost R D Wingfield
From the creator of A TOUCH OF FROST, the eagerly anticipated D. I. Jack Frost novel
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A Million Bullets
A Million Bullets James Fergusson
The real story of the British army in Afghanistan
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A Mother's Choice Val Wood
An unmarried mother faces a terrible dilemma - can she give her son a better life by letting him go? The new saga from Sunday Times bestseller Val Wood.
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A Perfect Life
A Perfect Life Danielle Steel
A heartwarming and inspirational novel about a mother and daughter who overcome adversity together.
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A Ruthless Need Catherine Cookson
The story of a girl who, given the chance of a new life and seizing the opportunities it brought her, burgeoned into a talented woman of ideals and expectations.
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A Shilling for a Wife
A Shilling for a Wife Emma Hornby
Gritty and page-turning historical saga set in 1860s Bolton and Manchester, perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin.
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A Sign Of The Times
A Sign Of The Times Mary Jane Staples
The Adams family deal with changing times.
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A Simple Plan
A Simple Plan Scott Smith
The bestselling thriller and major film.
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A Sister's Secret
A Sister's Secret Mary Jane Staples
Will she learn to love again?
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A Slip of the Keyboard
A Slip of the Keyboard Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett in his own words - a collection of writing by the creator of Discworld, about his life, interests, campaigns, and his writing career from early years to the present day.
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