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Ithaka Adèle Geras
A fascinating retelling of the classic story of Odysseus from the unusual perspective of his wife, Penelope.
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Dido Adèle Geras
A vivid novel inspired by the classic story of Dido from the author of TROY and ITHAKA.
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Blossom's Revenge
Blossom's Revenge Adèle Geras
Blossom, a plump and contented cat, is horrified when six-year-old Prissy comes to stay with 'her' family. She makes up her mind: Prissy must go!
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Callie's Kitten
Callie's Kitten Adèle Geras
The third title in the delightful Cats of Cuckoo Square quartet
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Peas In A Pod
Peas In A Pod Adèle Geras
A bridesmaid tale for young readers, featuring two sisters - one of whom wants to be a bridesmaid, and one who doesn't!
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Cat Number Three
Cat Number Three Alison Prince
A great animal story for beginner readers about a cheeky stray cat
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Crog Amanda Mitchison
A gripping, race-against-time adventure story from a fantastic new voice in children's books.
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The Oathbreaker's Shadow
The Oathbreaker's Shadow Amy McCulloch
An action-adventure fantasy by an exciting, extremely promotable debut voice in the genre.
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The Shadow's Curse
The Shadow's Curse Amy McCulloch
The action-packed sequel to The Oathbreaker's Shadow - by fantasy's brightest new star.
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The Swallow And The Dark
The Swallow And The Dark Andrew Matthews
A moving tale about mortality told through the eyes of two teenagers - one contemporary, and one in the World War I trenches
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The New Patrol
The New Patrol Andy McNab
An explosive Liam Scott thriller from the bestselling author of BRAVO TWO ZERO, produced with assistance from soldiers in active service. Now available in paperback.
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The New Enemy
The New Enemy Andy McNab
The third explosive Liam Scott thriller from the bestselling author of BRAVO TWO ZERO.
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Street Soldier
Street Soldier Andy McNab
The first instalment in the explosive new Street Soldier series from Andy McNab - ex-SAS military expert and best-selling thriller writer. Set in dangerous, gritty London, where chaos and violence threaten the city streets.
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Silent Weapon - a Street Soldier Novel
Silent Weapon - a Street Soldier Novel Andy McNab
The next high-octane thriller from Andy McNab - featuring young convict-turned-soldier Sean Harker, and a race to stop a deadly threat
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DropZone Andy McNab
Packed with action, intrigue - and skydiving! - DropZone is an extreme thriller for teens
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The New Recruit
The New Recruit Andy McNab
A young adult adventure and thriller based around army life, from bestselling author Andy Mcnab
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DropZone: Terminal Velocity
DropZone: Terminal Velocity Andy McNab
Skydiving and cage-fighting. A high-octane extreme thriller for young adults from ex SAS commander and bestselling author, Andy McNab.
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The Boy with Two Heads
The Boy with Two Heads Andy Mulligan
The incredible story of a boy with two heads, from Andy Mulligan, the acclaimed author of Trash.
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Blood Family
Blood Family Anne Fine
Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, this is the dark and gripping tale of a young boy's struggle to escape the horrors of his childhood - and the violent destiny he fears must await him.
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Blue Moon Day
Blue Moon Day Anne Fine
An original, unusual and fascinating collection of short stories from multi-award winning author, Anne Fine.
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The Granny Project
The Granny Project Anne Fine
A hilarious black comedy about three generations of the same family living together, vintage humour from multi-award-winning author Anne Fine.
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The Road of Bones
The Road of Bones Anne Fine
A chilling and dramatic tale of belief and freedom, of imprisonment and of escape - from multi-award-winning author Anne Fine
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The Stone Menagerie
The Stone Menagerie Anne Fine
Exciting reissue edition of a favourite Anne Fine novel that explores nonconformity and the pressures to fit in to our society
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A Shame to Miss Poetry Collection 1
A Shame to Miss Poetry Collection 1 Anne Fine
A terrific collection of poetry chosen personally by Anne Fine, the 2001-2003 Children's Laureate.
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