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The Magic of Reality
The Magic of Reality Richard Dawkins
An inspiring introduction to science and a fascinating exploration of the natural world.
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Meadowland John Lewis-Stempel
A love song to the land. A magical month by month observation through parted grass of the flora and fauna of a meadow.
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Dear Thing
Dear Thing Julie Cohen
A bittersweet story about love and motherhood: Claire, who desperately wants a baby, and Romily, the woman who’s carrying it for her...who is secretly in love with Claire’s husband.
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An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist
An Appetite For Wonder: The Making of a Scientist Richard Dawkins
An early memoir from the world's most famous atheist, and scientist.
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Where Love Lies
Where Love Lies Julie Cohen
A poignant, thought-provoking story from the author of Dear Thing.
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Courting Trouble
Courting Trouble Kathy Lette
The sizzling and controversial new novel
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Computing with Quantum Cats
Computing with Quantum Cats John Gribbin
Pioneering study of the science behind quantum computing and what the new quantum reality will mean for mankind
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Best Laid Plans
Best Laid Plans Kathy Lette
Uproariously funny and provocative, tender and life-affirming, this is Kathy Lette at her very best.
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The Kitchen House
The Kitchen House Kathleen Grissom
A coming-of-age story set in 18th century Virginia, perfect for fans of The Help and The Postmistress.
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The Long Walk
The Long Walk Brian Castner
In the tradition of Michael Herr’s Dispatches and works by such masters of the memoir as Mary Karr and Tobias Wolff, a powerful account of war and homecoming.
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The Other Half Of My Heart
The Other Half Of My Heart Stephanie Butland
A powefully moving and poignant novel about beginning again, perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Liane Moriarty and Lisa Jewell.
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See You In The Morning
See You In The Morning Barry Norman
Barry Norman's candid, witty and moving account of life, love, marriage and loss.
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Puberty Blues
Puberty Blues Gabrielle Carey, Kathy Lette
Now a major television series on Channel 10 starring Ashleigh Cummings, Brenna Harding and Claudia Karvan - this is the definitive Australian story of teenagers navigating the chaos of life.
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Your Beautiful Lies
Your Beautiful Lies Louise Douglas
A powerful, compelling story about the lies we tell to protect the ones we love, and the secrets we keep to protect ourselves...
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The Secret by the Lake
The Secret by the Lake Louise Douglas
A mesmerising, gripping new novel from the Richard and Judy Book Club recommended author Louise Douglas.
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French Parents Don't Give In
French Parents Don't Give In Pamela Druckerman
Parenting advice from the no.1 Sunday Times bestseller French Children Don't Throw Food, now distilled into 100 short and easy tips.
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Someone Else's Wedding
Someone Else's Wedding Tamar Cohen
Dark, witty tale of a wife and her grown-up family whose secrets come shimmering to the surface at a wedding: told in real-time over 36 hours. For fans of Lisa Jewell.
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A Year in the Merde
A Year in the Merde Stephen Clarke
Self-published in France, and a subsequent bestseller, the hilarious story of a year in the life of a young Englishman abroad.
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The Broken
The Broken Tamar Cohen
By the gripping psychological thriller writer of WHEN SHE WAS BAD, with twists of GIRL ON THE TRAIN and the chills of DISCLAIMER.
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A Pleasure and a Calling
A Pleasure and a Calling Phil Hogan
In the excitement of moving into your new home did you think to change the locks? Are you sure no-one else is making use of your key? Compelling, unsettling and macabre social satire.
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Wake Anna Hope
Unfolding over five days leading up to 11 November, 1920, a powerful debut telling of three women who have lost loved-ones, set against the journey of the Unknown Soldier from Northern France to the Cenotaph.
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Goodhouse Peyton Marshall
For fans of STATION 11 and NEVER LET ME GO - a devastating and emotional rollercoaster of a journey through an futuristic world, that feels eerily close to our own
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The Unbearable Dreamworld of Champa the Driver
The Unbearable Dreamworld of Champa the Driver Chan Koonchung
A humorous literary novel of modern China by the author of the international Dystopian novel The Fat Years. For fans of THE HEN THAT DRAMED SHE COULD FLY and THE GUEST CAT.
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Brief Candle in the Dark
Brief Candle in the Dark Richard Dawkins
The second and final part of Richard Dawkins' memoirs
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