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1971 - Never a Dull Moment
1971 - Never a Dull Moment David Hepworth
The story of the year that rock music exploded, featuring almost every star who defined the decade
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3 Julie Hilden
A novel of erotic suspense destined to become a classic
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A Cat, a Hat, and a Piece of String
A Cat, a Hat, and a Piece of String Joanne Harris
A brilliant new collection of short stories from Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat and Peaches for Monsieur le Cure.
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A Class Apart
A Class Apart Diana Appleyard
A hilarious expose of the English class system - which is still very much alive and kicking, whatever the government may say.
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A Country Road, A Tree
A Country Road, A Tree Jo Baker
Jo Baker, Sunday Times bestselling author of LONGBOURN, goes behind the scenes again with the life and loves of a twentieth century literary icon.
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A Crying Shame
A Crying Shame Renate Dorrestein
Another heartrending story from the bestselling Dutch author, set on the Isle of Mull, of abused and lost children and the old spinster in whose car they stow away.
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A Daughter's Tale
A Daughter's Tale Mary Soames
The charming memoir of Winston Churchill's only surviving daughter
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A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life Various Authors
Fantastic stories for a fantastic cause - a charity anthology of original short stories for Breast Cancer Care which includes many of the finest female contemporary writers including Kate Atkinson, Maggie O'Farrell, Joanne Harris and Helen Dunmore.
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A Desert In Bohemia
A Desert In Bohemia Jill Paton Walsh
The brilliant, moving and thought-provoking new novel from the author of Knowledge of Angels.
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A Desirable Residence
A Desirable Residence Madeleine Wickham
An early bestseller from the fabulous author of the Shopaholic series
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A Fabulous Creation
A Fabulous Creation David Hepworth
The unparalleled David Hepworth, author of 1971 and UNCOMMON PEOPLE, here celebrates the reign of the LP (from Sgt Pepper to Thriller), how the format changed the music and the music industry and, indeed, how it has bounced back to mainstream popularity.
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A Feast of Freud Emma Freud
A tribute, from his daughter, to the highly popular writer and broadcaster, the late Clement Freud.
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A Ghost Upon Your Path
A Ghost Upon Your Path John McCarthy
An exploration of family and roots.
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A Girl Could Stand Up Leslie Marshall
A passionate coming-of-age novel reminscent of John Irving, about how a young girl copes in an eccentric family after the accidental death of her parents at a funfair.
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A God in Ruins
A God in Ruins Kate Atkinson
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A Good Heart is Hard to Find
A Good Heart is Hard to Find Trisha Ashley
A fantastically funny and heart-warming novel of second chances and love affairs, from the Sunday Times bestselling queen of popular fiction.
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A History of Loneliness
A History of Loneliness John Boyne
The life of a good priest in Ireland over the past 50 years provokes one of John Boyne's most powerful novels yet
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A Ladder to the Sky
A Ladder to the Sky John Boyne
Maurice Swift is an aspiring novelist struggling to come up with the story that will make his name, and he doesn't care where that story comes from. Even if he has to beg, borrow, steal or worse, he will make it to the top. Whatever the cost...
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A Land More Kind Than Home
A Land More Kind Than Home Wiley Cash
Religion is supposed to shield children from the evil of the world . . .
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A Leap of Faith
A Leap of Faith Trisha Ashley
An exuberantly funny and heart-warming novel of seizing chances and leaping into life's unknown, from the Sunday Times bestselling queen of popular fiction.
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A Merry Mistletoe Wedding
A Merry Mistletoe Wedding Judy Astley
A warm, festive and irresistably romantic new Christmas novel from bestselling author Judy Astley
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A Model American
A Model American Elsie Burch Donald
Literary novel set in Cambodia just before the triumph of the Khmer Rouge, by the author of A Rope of Sand
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A Moth At The Glass
A Moth At The Glass Mogue Doyle
A second novel set in rural Ireland by Mogue Doyle, author of Dancing With Minnie The Twig; and the start of a cycle of novels, which depict Irish society at key moments of historical and social change.
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A Passionate Man
A Passionate Man Joanna Trollope
An unputdownable novel about fathers and sons, sex and love, loyalties and identities and fear of failure ...
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