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The Adventures of Indiana Jones
The Adventures of Indiana Jones
Published for the first time in one volume: the three action-packed novels inspired by the original Indiana Jones films…
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Burned Alive
The shocking true story of a young girl from the West Bank, who survived an attempted honour killing.
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Go Like Hell
Go Like Hell A J Baime
Ferrari vs Ford: in the race to build the fastest car the world had ever seen.
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The Accidental President
The Accidental President A J Baime
2020 marks 75th anniversary of Harry S. Truman unexpectedly becoming US president, when he had to step up to the plate and take on Nazi Germany, Japan, Stalin and the bomb - this is the remarkable story of Truman's first four months in office, a time when the fate of the world hung in the balance.
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The Dilemma
The Dilemma Abbie Taylor
Would you do the wrong thing for the right reasons? THE DILEMMA is the new gripping thriller from the author of the Sunday Times bestseller, EMMA'S BABY.
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Emma's Baby
Emma's Baby Abbie Taylor
A rollercoaster child-in-jeopardy novel
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Polar Bear Pirates
Polar Bear Pirates Adrian Webster
A fresh and innovative route to business and personal success in the tradition of the bestselling, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?
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A Matter Of Opinion
A Matter Of Opinion Alan Hansen
The autobiography of one of football's most outspoken and popular media pundits.
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Shaman, Healer, Sage
Shaman, Healer, Sage Alberto Villoldo
A practical and accessible guide to healing techniques that have been used for thousands of years.
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The Dragon Queen
The Dragon Queen Alice Borchardt
Fabulously exciting and wholly original reworking of the story of Arthur and his mercurial queen...
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The Raven Warrior
The Raven Warrior Alice Borchardt
The second book in the 'Tales of Guinevere' and a thrilling sequel to THE DRAGON QUEEN.
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Without Reservations
Without Reservations Alice Steinbach
Without Reservations is about a woman's dream come true – taking a year off to travel the world and rediscover what it is like to be an independent woman, without ties and without reservations.
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Alicia Alicia Appleman-Jurman
A powerful testament to human courage and fortitude, comparable only to The Diary of Anne Frank
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Words of Command
Words of Command Allan Mallinson
Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew Hervey returns to take command of the 6th Light Dragoons in his 12th enthralling adventure.
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Warrior Allan Mallinson
In South Africa, Matthew Hervey clashes with the Warrior King of the Zulu.
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On His Majesty's Service
On His Majesty's Service Allan Mallinson
1829: In the Eastern Balkans, Matthew Hervey of the 6th Light Dragoons is at war with the Turks.
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Too Important for the Generals
Too Important for the Generals Allan Mallinson
Published as the world marks the centenary of one of the most infamous battles of the First World War, the Somme, this powerfully-argued and polemical new history of the war by one of Britain's most respected military historians explores how the war was fought, how near we came to losing it - and why winning proved so costly and why the Allied generals and politicians failed to find a less bloody strategy for victory.
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1914: Fight the Good Fight
1914: Fight the Good Fight Allan Mallinson
Now in paperback, this fascinating and revelatory new history of the origins of the First World War, of those first few crucial weeks of fighting, and of how Britain and its army fared has won the 2014 British Army Military Book of the Year.
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A Close Run Thing (The Matthew Hervey Adventures: 1)
A Close Run Thing (The Matthew Hervey Adventures: 1) Allan Mallinson
An heroic tale from the final days of the Napoleonic Wars that introduces an unforgettable new fictional hero.
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The Nizam's Daughters (The Matthew Hervey Adventures: 2)
The Nizam's Daughters (The Matthew Hervey Adventures: 2) Allan Mallinson
Sent on a secret mission to India, Matthew Hervey soon finds himself fighting to prevent bloody civil war
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A Regimental Affair
A Regimental Affair Allan Mallinson
The third volume in the continuing adventures of Matthew Hervey
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A Call To Arms
A Call To Arms Allan Mallinson
Matthew Hervey is recalled to take up arms against Burmese rebels massing on the frontier with India in the fourth instalment of his adventures with the Light Dragoons.
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The Sabre's Edge
The Sabre's Edge Allan Mallinson
Matthew Hervey lays siege to the grim fortress of Bhurtpore
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Rumours Of War
Rumours Of War Allan Mallinson
Matthew Hervey is pursued by the French across the Spanish Peninsula.
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