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1971 - Never a Dull Moment
1971 - Never a Dull Moment David Hepworth
The story of the year that rock music exploded, featuring almost every star who defined the decade
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A Briefer History of Time
A Briefer History of Time Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow
The science classic made more accessible and more concise. Illustrated & updated with new research.
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A Curious Guide to London
A Curious Guide to London Simon Leyland
An alternative guide to the weird and wonderful history of our capital city.
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A Dog Named Beautiful
A Dog Named Beautiful Robert Kugler
The heartwarming true story of the three-legged Labrador, her human and life's incredible journey.
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A Fabulous Creation
A Fabulous Creation David Hepworth
The unparalleled David Hepworth, author of 1971 and UNCOMMON PEOPLE, here celebrates the reign of the LP (from Sgt Pepper to Thriller), how the format changed the music and the music industry and, indeed, how it has bounced back to mainstream popularity.
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A Gathering of Ravens
A Gathering of Ravens Scott Oden
Scott Oden - author of the acclaimed Men of Bronze and The Lion of Cairo - brings together history, myth and fantasy in an epic tale of vengeance and faith, of the Old Ways versus the New, and of a monster - the last of his kind - against mankind.
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A Lethal Frost
A Lethal Frost Danny Miller
The latest book in the bestselling prequel series, starring R. D. Wingfield's unforgettable creation Jack Frost - younger, greener and just as uncouth.
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A Mother’s Dilemma
A Mother’s Dilemma Emma Hornby
Gritty and page-turning historical saga set in Northern England in the late 1800s, perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin.
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A Mother's Choice Val Wood
An unmarried mother faces a terrible dilemma - can she give her son a better life by letting him go? The new saga from Sunday Times bestseller Val Wood.
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A Place to Call Home
A Place to Call Home Val Wood
The new saga from Sunday Times bestseller Val Wood. A young farmer's wife must make a new home for herself and her small children when her husband finds work in the factories of Hull. Can they find happiness away from everything they've ever known?
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A Salad for All Seasons
A Salad for All Seasons Harry Eastwood
A mouthwatering collection of seasonal salad recipes from the author of Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache.
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A Shilling for a Wife
A Shilling for a Wife Emma Hornby
Gritty and page-turning historical saga set in 1860s Bolton and Manchester, perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin.
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A Sign Of The Times
A Sign Of The Times Mary Jane Staples
The Adams family deal with changing times.
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A Space Traveller's Guide To The Solar System
A Space Traveller's Guide To The Solar System Mark Thompson
An enchanting and wildly entertaining tour of the Solar System
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A Stranger in the House
A Stranger in the House Shari Lapena
Your home still isn't the safe place it should be in this electrifying new thriller from the author of The Couple Next Door.
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A Treachery of Spies
A Treachery of Spies Manda Scott
A smart combination of double-crossing, code-breaking spies and the murder of an unidentifiable woman. Deftly plotted and brilliantly written, this book will keep you guessing right until the end.
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Achieve the Impossible
Achieve the Impossible Greg Whyte
The UK's pre-eminent authority on performance details how to overcome challenges and achieve success in life, work and sport.
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Adam's Curse
Adam's Curse Bryan Sykes
Are men an endangered species?
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Adrenalized Philip Collen, Chris Epting
A revelatory and redemptive memoir from the lead guitarist of the legendary band Def Leppard - the first book ever written by one of its members. Chronicling the band's extraordinary rise to superstardom and how they've maintained their success for three decades, this is Phil Collen's amazing story.
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Africa Solo
Africa Solo Mark Beaumont
The story of an astonishing, world record-breaking adventure from Cairo to Cape Town by the bestselling author of The Man Who Cycled the World.
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After Midnight
After Midnight Susan Sallis
A secret from the past threatens the happiness of a small West Country community
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AIQ Nick Polson, James Scott
A fun, timely, and optimistic treatment of the big ideas that every citizen of the 21st century should know if they want to understand how intelligent machines operating on massive data sets are changing the world around them, and how they can use this knowledge to make better decisions in their own lives.
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Al-Britannia, My Country
Al-Britannia, My Country James Fergusson
After several decades spent reporting on the most dangerous and volatile parts of the Islamic world, award-winning journalist James Fergusson turns his lens on Muslim Britain.
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Alone Time
Alone Time Stephanie Rosenbloom
The average adult spends about a third of his or her waking time alone. Yet research suggests we aren't very good at using, never mind enjoying, alone time. Rising to the challenge, travel writer Stephanie Rosenbloom explores the joys and benefits of being alone in four mouth-watering journeys to the cities of Paris, Istanbul, Florence and New York, showing that being alone isn't something to endure - it's something to relish.
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