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Fisher King
Fisher King Anthony Powell
Celebrated but crippled photographer, Saul Henchman sets out to cruise the British Isles in search of peace and fulfilment. Beautiful dancer, Barberina Rookwood gives up her career to be with him. Throughout, they are observed by novelist Valentine Beals, who becomes obsessed with the parallels between Henchman's story and the Arthurian Legend of the Fisher King, whose mystic destiny involves love, ambition, desire and sacrifice.
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Journals 1982
Journals 1982 Anthony Powell
During the eighties, while working on a novel which had become 'stuck', Anthony Powell, one of the greatest of twentieth-century Enlgish novelists, began writing a journal. Gossipy, delightful, sometimes barbed, these journals give a fascinating insight into the writer's life: the people he met, the places her visited and the parties he went to. The acute intelligence and wit which has made A Dance to the Music of Time one of the best loved novels in English is ever-present in these papers, where the reader will encounter Osbert Lancaster, Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin, Lord Longford - all viewed with affection and a startling frankness.
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Fugitive Minds Antonio Melechi
A remarkably original exploration of the byways of the human mind, exploring its malfunctions and altered states from schizophrenia to LSD, from depression to the changes wrought by love.
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Servants of the Supernatural
Servants of the Supernatural Antonio Melechi
A compelling history of the golden era of the Victorian seance that tells the tale of the mediums and psychics, their followers, and the sleuths who set out to expose them
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Rebels Aris Roussinos
A 21st century take on Dispatches, award-winning VICE News journalist Aris Roussinos tells the real stories behind life in a rebel army.
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Sisters Barbara Mortimer
In the bestselling tradition of Call the Midwife, the incredible true stories of British nurses in WWII, as told by the nurses themselves.
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Salamis Barry Strauss
The story of the greatest naval battle of the ancient world.
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The Trojan War
The Trojan War Barry Strauss
Non-fiction thriller about the infamous Ancient War
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When Daddy Came Home
When Daddy Came Home Barry Turner, Tony Rennell
Compelling and moving real-life accounts of the impact on family life of the return of the troops at the end of the Second World War.
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Underground Airlines
Underground Airlines Ben H. Winters
Robert Harris' Fatherland meets 12 Years A Slave, UNDERGROUND AIRLINES is a high concept novel with lots of suspense, and a deeply human, flawed protagonist.
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Hannibal: Clouds of War
Hannibal: Clouds of War Ben Kane
As Rome's war with Carthage continues, two friends - now on opposing sides - confront each other in one of the most brutal sieges of all time. A new Hannibal novel by the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Forgotten Legion series. ‘Who’s the rising star of historical fiction? I say Ben Kane’ Wilbur Smith
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Eagles at War
Eagles at War Ben Kane
From ‘the rising star of historical fiction’ (Wilbur Smith), the first in a new gripping three-part series, based on real historical events. Three Roman legions massacred. Three Imperial Eagles lost. One man vies for revenge.
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Hunting the Eagles
Hunting the Eagles Ben Kane
From 'the rising star of historical fiction' (Wilbur Smith) a new Eagles of Rome novel, by the Sunday Times bestselling author of Eagles at War.
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Eagles in the Storm
Eagles in the Storm Ben Kane
From 'the rising star of historical fiction' (Wilbur Smith) the third, and final, Eagles of Rome novel, by the Sunday Times bestselling author of Eagles at War.
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Straight Flush
Straight Flush Ben Mezrich
The New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House returns with the larger-than-life true tale of a group of hard-partying frat brothers who built a multi-billion-dollar on-line poker colossus – and what happened when the Feds shut down their operation, sending them on the run.
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Once Upon a Time in Russia
Once Upon a Time in Russia Ben Mezrich
A gripping and shocking insight into the lives of Russia’s most famous oligarchs from New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House.
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Seven Wonders
Seven Wonders Ben Mezrich
An electrifying thriller, perfect for fans of The Da Vinci Code.
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The 37th Parallel
The 37th Parallel Ben Mezrich
The 37th Parallel tells the true story of a computer programmer who tracks paranormal events along a 3,000-mile stretch through the heart of America and is drawn deeper and deeper into a vast conspiracy.
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Breaking Vegas
Breaking Vegas Ben Mezrich
Another page-turning true story of the underbelly of Las Vegas from Ben Mezrich, a successor to his bestselling BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE - the book Vegas doesn't want you to read.
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Peace, Love And Healing
Peace, Love And Healing Bernie Siegel
An extraordinary new book on how the mind influences the body and how we can each use that knowledge for self-healing.
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Among The Thugs
Among The Thugs Bill Buford
Before Running with the Firm came Among the Thugs - the bestselling classic account of football violence in English football.
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The Distant Land Of My Father
The Distant Land Of My Father Bo Caldwell
An astonishingly accomplished, vibrant and moving first novel set against the Shanghai background of EMPIRE OF THE SUN and taking the reader to a final resolution in today's Los Angeles
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