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The Lost Life of Eva Braun
The Lost Life of Eva Braun Angela Lambert
Insightful and revealing biography of Adolf Hitler's long-term lover.
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Only My Dreams Anna Blundy
A big, sexy blockbuster - an unputdownably pacy plot meets an unforgettable love story
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Telling Some Tales
Telling Some Tales Anna Massey
The autobiography of one of the UK's most respected actresses.
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The Wolf Gift
The Wolf Gift Anne Rice
Man, monster - or werewolf? A mesmerising new novel from the undisputed Queen of paranormal fiction.
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The Wolves of Midwinter
The Wolves of Midwinter Anne Rice
Anne Rice is back, with more werewolves, gothic mansions and epic battles between good and evil
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Prince Lestat
Prince Lestat Anne Rice
After a 15 year wait LESTAT is back in Anne Rice's new and long awaited Vampire Chronicles novel
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Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis
Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis Anne Rice
After a 15 year wait LESTAT is back in Anne Rice's new and long awaited Vampire Chronicles novel
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Vittorio, The Vampire
Vittorio, The Vampire Anne Rice
A Vampire Chronicles novella from the internationally bestselling Anne Rice
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The Vampire Armand
The Vampire Armand Anne Rice
Mesmerising, darkly erotic, terrifying - the exciting new volume of Anne Rice's internationally bestselling Vampire Chronicles, which began with Interview with the Vampire.
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Merrick Anne Rice
Apocalyptic new novel, the fifth in the chronicles of the Vampire Lestat, who stars (played by Tom Cruise) in the major Hollywood movie, Interview with the Vampire
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Blood And Gold
Blood And Gold Anne Rice
The latest mesmerising and exotic Vampire Chronicle from the mistress of the genre - a must for all readers of The Vampire Armand.
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Blackwood Farm
Blackwood Farm Anne Rice
Another mesmerising masterpiece from the mistress of the vampire genre.
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Christ The Lord
Christ The Lord Anne Rice
The book Anne Rice was born to write, a novel about the 'ultimate supernatural hero, the ultimate outsider, and the ultimate immortal of them all'.
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Blood Canticle
Blood Canticle Anne Rice
Another mesmerising volume of the bestselling Vampire Chronicles from the mistress of the genre, telling the story of Lestat's quest for redemption, for goodness and for the love of Rowan Mayfair.
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Christ the Lord The Road to Cana
Christ the Lord The Road to Cana Anne Rice
The second part in Anne Rice's vivid and hugely ambitious life of Christ the Lord
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A Morbid Habit
A Morbid Habit Annie Hauxwell
A midnight delivery. A sole eyewitness. No loose ends.
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In Her Blood
In Her Blood Annie Hauxwell
Smart, stylish and fast-paced, In Her Blood heralds the arrival of a remarkable new talent in crime fiction.
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A Bitter Taste
A Bitter Taste Annie Hauxwell
A Bitter Taste, the new Catherine Berlin novel from Annie Hauxwell is fast-paced, addictive crime spiked with grit and grunge. 
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On Men
On Men Anthony Clare
Acclaimed new book on masculinity from Ireland's and Britain's most popular psychiatrist
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The Word Is Murder
The Word Is Murder Anthony Horowitz
SHE PLANNED HER OWN FUNERAL. BUT DID SHE ARRANGE HER MURDER? Buried secrets, murder and a trail of bloody clues lie at the heart of Anthony Horowitz’s page-turning new detective series. If you enjoyed BBC’s Sherlock, you’ll LOVE The Word is Murder!
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Afternoon Men
Afternoon Men Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell's first, highly acclaimed novel maps the decline and fall of a characteristically seedy section of London society, and confirms the author's reputation as one of the great satirists of the twentieth century.
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From A View To A Death
From A View To A Death Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell's celebrated early novel turns to English rural society to caricature a socially aspiring artist and his disastrous ambition to marry well.
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What's Become Of Waring
What's Become Of Waring Anthony Powell
The hugely successful early novel which established Anthony Powell as a leading voice in English comic fiction, What's Become of Waring is the teasing and wittily contrived story about a famous but elsuive travel author who seems to have some very good reasons for concealing his life behind a screen of mystery.
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Venusberg Anthony Powell
A post as special correspondent for a new and fragile Baltic state gives the young but melancholy Lushington an opportunity to turn his back on an unhappy love affair. While gathering information at the many parties he attends, he hopes to report on unrest, an assassination, perhaps even a revolution. Yet it is Lushington who once more finds himself out of his depth...
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