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Girl A
Girl A
A heartbreaking true story from the victim at the centre of the Rochdale sex trafficking scandal
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Big Shots
Big Shots Adam Shand
It wasn't a relationship without risks. Crackling with tension, Big Shots documents Shand's plunge into the other side of Melbourne. He watches as notorious criminals are transformed into red-carpet celebrities and finds himself questioning his objectivity – and even whether he is being used to further murderous ends.
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Carl Williams
Carl Williams Adam Shand
The definitive book on Carl Williams - where he came from, what he did and how and why he died – and his effect on Melbourne's underbelly.
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The Real Chopper
The Real Chopper Adam Shand
Adam Shand – bestselling author of Big Shots: Carl Williams and the Gangland Murders – disentangles the persona of 'Chopper' from Mark Read, the man. Chopper took over Read's life, made him famous but then refused to let him go.
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Straight from the Pig's Mouth
Straight from the Pig's Mouth Al Lester
A warts-and-all, often laugh-out-loud funny memoir of policing in New Zealand.
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Defending the Guilty
Defending the Guilty Alex McBride
True crime meets humour in this hilariously funny and eye-opening exposé of the criminal justice system.
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The Underworld Captain
The Underworld Captain Alexander Shannon, David Leslie
An explosive account of a soldier's secret involvement in Glasgow's violent gangland
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Captive Allan Hall
One monster, three innocent girls, ten years in captivity.
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Hope Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus
The dramatic, harrowing, yet ultimately inspiring account of the Cleveland kidnappings, and the struggle to survive years of horrendous abuse, as told by two of the victims.
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My Sister Milly
My Sister Milly Amanda P. Smith
After fifteen years of agony, Gemma Dowler tells the shocking story of Milly's murder and the Dowler's fight for justice.
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The Fall
The Fall Amy Dale
How Simon Gittany murdered Lisa Harnum.
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The Pretty Girl Killer
The Pretty Girl Killer Andrew Byrne
The complete true story of one of the world’s most horrifying serial killers, who terrorised both Australia and America
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The Dirty Game
The Dirty Game Andrew Jennings
The first and definitive book on the FIFA scandal - by the journalist who brought down Sepp Blatter
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The Doctor's Wife Is Dead
The Doctor's Wife Is Dead Andrew Tierney
The remarkable true story of a gripping murder trial - and of the strange marriage that gave rise to it.
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The Burning Of Bridget Cleary
The Burning Of Bridget Cleary Angela Bourke
The torture and burning of Bridget Cleary caused a sensation in 1895 which continues to reverberate more than a hundred years later.
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Behind Bars
Behind Bars Anna Leask
A raw, revealing and powerful account of life inside, as told by prison inmates.
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