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Inside Alcatraz
Inside Alcatraz Jim Quillen
One man's account of life inside Alcatraz, from desperation to redemption.
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One of the Family
One of the Family Maureen Flanagan
The true life story of two women, Maureen 'Flan' Flanagan and her best friend Violet Kray, whose influence strongly shaped the lives of Ronnie and Reggie Kray.
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The Shepherd's Bush Murders
The Shepherd's Bush Murders Nick Russell-Pavier
August 1966 - Harry Roberts, a hardened criminal known for his unflinching violence, murders three unarmed police officers in cold blood. This is the chilling examination of a crime that would come to haunt the nation forever - 50 years on, Nick Russell-Pavier examines the killers behind the ruthless murders.
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Adnan's Story
Adnan's Story Rabia Chaudry
The person who brought the murder case to the attention of the phenomenal Serial podcast reveals Adnan Syed’s story in his words and her own.
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The Dirty Game
The Dirty Game Andrew Jennings
The first and definitive book on the FIFA scandal - by the journalist who brought down Sepp Blatter
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Undercover Joe Carter
'This is the best expose of life as a British Undercover ever written.' - Joe Pistone AKA Donnie Brasco, FBI’s most famous UC. Twenty years undercover - one man's true story of life as an undercover cop. Soon to be a major TV show...
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The Krays: The Prison Years
The Krays: The Prison Years David Meikle, Kate Beal Blyth
The Krays: The Prison Years explores the fascinating and largely untold story of the Kray twins following their imprisonment.
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The Innocent Man
The Innocent Man John Grisham
Murder and injustice in a Small Town
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Notorious John Pearson
Britain's greatest true crime writer writes the definitive biography of the Kray twins.
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The Murder of King Tut
The Murder of King Tut James Patterson
Master of suspense James Patterson re-opens the ultimate cold case - the unsolved death of Tutankhamen.
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At The Devil's Table
At The Devil's Table William C. Rempel
The untold story of the man who risked everything to take down the world's largest drug cartel.
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All-American Murder
All-American Murder James Patterson
The shocking true story of Aaron Hernandez – a sports star, his deadly crimes and his explosive trials
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Black Klansman
Black Klansman Ron Stallworth
The extraordinary true story of the black detective who goes undercover to investigate the KKK
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