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Gone Neil Root
An in-depth and absorbing investigation of the still unresolved disappearance of Claudia Lawrence in 2009
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Wayne Barker: Born to Fight
Wayne Barker: Born to Fight Bernard O'Mahoney
The eventful memoirs of a bare-knuckle boxer, recounting his numerous brushes with the law
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Clubland UK
Clubland UK Steven McLaughlin
A hard-hitting exposé of the club scene during the celebrated rave era in 1990s Britain
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The Sinatra Club
The Sinatra Club Sal Polisi, Steve Dougherty
An audacious memoir unveiling the machinations of the Mob
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Crossing the Line
Crossing the Line Christian Plowman
A candid account of life as an undercover policeman, as told for the first time by a former Metropolitan Police Officer
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The Kray Files
The Kray Files Colin Fry
An exhaustive account of the lives and crimes of the notorious Kray twins
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Night Stalker
Night Stalker Philip Carlo
The classic account of one of the world's most feared serial killers, Richard Ramirez
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The Killer Within
The Killer Within Philip Carlo
Insightful memoir by the bestselling author of The Ice Man
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Peter Manuel, Serial Killer
Peter Manuel, Serial Killer Hector MacLeod, Malcolm McLeod
Terrifying and revealing biography of Scotland's most notorious serial killer, 'the Beast of Birkenshaw'
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Bible John's Secret Daughter David Leslie
After being adopted as a child, one woman's search to find her roots led to the horrifying discovery that she could be the daughter of a serial killer
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Crimelord: The Licensee
Crimelord: The Licensee David Leslie
A controversial exposé of Tam McGraw, one of Scotland's most wealthy and infamous gangsters
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The Krays: A Violent Business
The Krays: A Violent Business Colin Fry
Forget the hype, forget the glamour - this is how it really was with the Krays
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Essex Boy
Essex Boy Steven Ellis, Bernard O'Mahoney
Revelations from a former key figure of the notorious Essex Boys firm
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The Underworld Captain
The Underworld Captain Alexander Shannon, David Leslie
An explosive account of a soldier's secret involvement in Glasgow's violent gangland
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Better to be Feared
Better to be Feared Sean Bridges
A former businessman imprisoned for an £11 million fraud gives a first-person insight into life in our prisons today
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Trouble in Mind Bernard O'Mahoney
For the first time, acclaimed true-crime author Bernard O'Mahoney tells his astonishing life story in full
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The Boy in the Attic
The Boy in the Attic David Malone
The disturbing exploration of a previously unreported murder of a young boy by a Satan-worshipping teenager
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Lucky Luciano Tim Newark
Another revelatory work by the author of the critically acclaimed Mafia Allies
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Chasing Killers
Chasing Killers Joe Jackson
Engrossing recollections of an eventful career by one of the best-known murder detectives in Scotland
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The Cocaine Diaries
The Cocaine Diaries Paul Keany, Jeff Farrell
A shocking exposé of drugs, riots, rape, kidnap and murder
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