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Murder Machine
Murder Machine Gene Mustain, Jerry Capeci
One of the most shocking and compelling stories to ever emerge from the world of organised crime
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Bringing Down The Krays
Bringing Down The Krays Bobby Teale
An explosive first-person account of life with the Krays by the man who took them down
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Dangerous Love
Dangerous Love Kate Lock
Romance, passion, obsession, deception, murder - DANGEROUS LOVE combines all of these to create a gripping true-life tale far more disturbing than any fiction.
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Carrion Kisses Kate Lock
A gripping, beautifully written memoir of love and murder
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Newjack Ted Conover
A gripping true account of life on the inside of Sing Sing prison
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Original Gangster
Original Gangster Frank Lucas
The amazing story of the original gangster, drug dealer and overlord, Frank Lucas
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Confessions of a Cartel Hitman
Confessions of a Cartel Hitman Martin Corona
The true confessions of a former assassin, who became the leader of an elite crew of hitmen for Mexico’s most vicious drug cartel.
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You Are Mine Isabel Eriksson
The true story of a young woman held captive in a dungeon by the "Swedish Fritzl"
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The Devil At Home
The Devil At Home Rachel Williams
The disturbing true story of a battered wife, left for dead by the man who had terrorised her for years.
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No Way Out
No Way Out Kate Elysia
The disturbing true story of a young woman groomed and abused by an Asian sex ring, but who was recruited by Operation Chalice to bring her abusers to justice
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Drug Wars
Drug Wars Neil Woods, J S Rafaeli
From the bestselling author of Good Cop Bad War, Neil Woods, comes the first single history of Britain’s War on Drugs.
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Did You Ever Love Me?
Did You Ever Love Me? Toni Maguire, Cassie Cook
The moving true story of a young girl, sexually abused by her father and her journey to move forward from the trauma of her past
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Grandad's Girl
Grandad's Girl Emma Louise
The sickening true story of a young girl, raped and sold for sex by her grandad to over 200 men.
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Written in Blood
Written in Blood Diane Fanning
An Inside look at the Michael Peterson case , the subject of the hit Netflix series The Staircase - a true-crime epic read for fans of Making a Murderer/The Innocent Killer
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My Mother, the Psychopath
My Mother, the Psychopath Olivia Rayne
The disturbing true story of a psychopathic mother by the daughter who survived the terror, perfect for fans of Talking with Psychopaths, Tortured and We Need to Talk About Kevin
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The Mechanism
The Mechanism Vladimir Netto
The extraordinary real story of power, corruption and greed that inspired the major Netflix series from José Padilha, the creator of Narcos
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Underworld Duncan Campbell
The Sunday Times bestselling definitive history of Britain’s ever-changing criminal scene, perfect for readers of Bringing Down the Krays, The Real Peaky Blinders and Freddie Foreman
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