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Dangerous Love
Dangerous Love Kate Lock
Romance, passion, obsession, deception, murder - DANGEROUS LOVE combines all of these to create a gripping true-life tale far more disturbing than any fiction.
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Carrion Kisses Kate Lock
A gripping, beautifully written memoir of love and murder
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The Secret Train Robber
The Secret Train Robber Lee Sturley
The Sunday Times bestselling biography of the real mastermind of the Great Train Robbery
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Confessions of a Cartel Hitman
Confessions of a Cartel Hitman Martin Corona
The true confessions of a former assassin, who became the leader of an elite crew of hitmen for Mexico’s most vicious drug cartel.
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The Killing Season
The Killing Season Miles Corwin
Does for the gangland killing streets of LA what David Simon’s Homicide did for Baltimore
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Good Cop, Bad War
Good Cop, Bad War Neil Woods
My double life undercover with the drug gangs
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Drug Wars
Drug Wars Neil Woods, J S Rafaeli
From the bestselling author of Good Cop Bad War, Neil Woods, comes the first single history of Britain’s War on Drugs.
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Casino Nicholas Pileggi
From Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wiseguy – the No. 1 bestseller that became Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-winning film Goodfellas – comes the classic true story of love, marriage, adultery, murder and revenge in Las Vegas…Mafia-style.
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My Mother, the Psychopath
My Mother, the Psychopath Olivia Rayne
The disturbing true story of a psychopathic mother by the daughter who survived the terror, perfect for fans of Talking with Psychopaths, Tortured and We Need to Talk About Kevin
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The Devil At Home
The Devil At Home Rachel Williams
The disturbing true story of a battered wife, left for dead by the man who had terrorised her for years.
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Innocent Sarah Rose
A mother's fight to clear her name and seek justice for her murdered son
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The Black Hand
The Black Hand Stephan Talty
The gripping true story of the origins of the mafia in America—and the brilliant Italian-born detective who gave his life to stop it
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Newjack Ted Conover
A gripping true account of life on the inside of Sing Sing prison
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Did You Ever Love Me?
Did You Ever Love Me? Toni Maguire, Cassie Cook
The moving true story of a young girl, sexually abused by her father and her journey to move forward from the trauma of her past
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Lethal Force
Lethal Force Tony Long
A hard-hitting memoir of life as frontline police marksman on Britain's streets
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Mrs Escobar
Mrs Escobar Victoria Eugenia Henao
Pablo Escobar’s wife reveals the real man behind the notorious drug lord’s legend. This is the closest you’ll ever get to the most infamous drug kingpin in modern history, told by the woman who stood by his side.
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The Mechanism
The Mechanism Vladimir Netto
The extraordinary real story of power, corruption and greed that inspired the major Netflix series from José Padilha, the creator of Narcos
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