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Red Notice
Red Notice Bill Browder
Corruption, dirty politics and murder in Russia - told by one of Putin's Most Wanted.
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Written in Blood
Written in Blood Mike Silverman, Tony Thompson
The remarkable casebook of one of Britain's top forensic scientists
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Future Crimes
Future Crimes Marc Goodman
From one of the world's leading authorities on digital security, Future Crimes takes readers deep into the digital underground to illuminate the alarming ways criminals, corporations and even countries are using new and emerging technologies against you, and provides positive solutions to help you defend yourself against this very real new threat
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Hope Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus
The dramatic, harrowing, yet ultimately inspiring account of the Cleveland kidnappings, and the struggle to survive years of horrendous abuse, as told by two of the victims.
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The Infiltrator
The Infiltrator Robert Mazur
In the vein of Netflix hit Narcos, and soon to be a film starring Bryan Cranston, this is the true story of US Drugs Enforcement Agent Robert Mazur's dramatic undercover mission into the Columbian drugs underworld to pull off one of the most celebrated stings in history.
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"She Must Have Known" Brian Masters
The authoritative book on the Frederick and Rosemary West case by the master of the genre.
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Traces Of Guilt
Traces Of Guilt Neil Barrett
Hunting Britain's worst computer criminals.
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The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper
The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper James Carnac
A new suspect for the role of Jack the Ripper - in his own words.
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Madeleine Kate McCann
Kate McCann's personal account of the disappearance and continuing search for her daughter
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Hotel Scarface
Hotel Scarface Roben Farzad
The extraordinary true story of Miami's violent cocaine trade, the establishment at its heart, and the real life cocaine cowboys that inspired the blockbuster film, Scarface.
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House of Trump, House of Putin
House of Trump, House of Putin Craig Unger
The explosive, news-breaking story of how Putin's Russia came to control the White House, House of Trump, House of Putin is both a page-turning thriller and an epic tale of intrigue, drama, and shady dealings, reported from the frontline of a new Cold War.
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The Mastermind
The Mastermind Evan Ratliff
The extraordinary story of Paul Le Roux – one of the world’s most prolific criminals, and the embodiment of a new generation of internet-enabled kingpins – and the US government’s clandestine efforts to bring him down.
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