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Thrilling Cities
Thrilling Cities Ian Fleming
Join the creator of James Bond on an adventurous tour of the world's most exciting, exotic and sinful cities.
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Scott on Waterloo
Scott on Waterloo Walter Scott
As we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, read Walter Scott's first hand accounts of his travels to the battlefield, in fascinating and bloody detail
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Of Walking In Ice
Of Walking In Ice Werner Herzog
'Herzog's existential journey through a hostile winter landscape is one of the great modern pilgrimages - a record of physical suffering, of hallucination and ecstatic revelation, of portents and animals, of the wreckage of history and myth. Of Walking in Ice has the eerie power of the best fairytales. It hits you with the force of dreams and leaves you with the taste of snow-filled air' Helen MacDonald, author H is for Hawk, winner of the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction
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Green Hills Of Africa
Green Hills Of Africa Ernest Hemingway
'In a class by itself-the country, at all hours shines bright and clear in these pages' Daily Telegraph
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The Heart Of The World
The Heart Of The World Nik Cohn
A totally unique account of travelling the length of Broadway, brilliantly evoking both its magic and its darker side, from the author of Awopbopaloobop Awopbamboom.
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The Gentleman In The Parlour
The Gentleman In The Parlour W. Somerset Maugham
W. Somerset Maughams' absorbing account of his journey from Rangoon to Haiphong
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A Walk With A White Bushman
A Walk With A White Bushman Laurens Van Der Post
A Walk with a White Bushman offers a tempting preamble to many longer explorations. For those who have, it offers the kind of renewed inspiration of which there can never be too much.
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Venture To The Interior
Venture To The Interior Laurens Van Der Post
An account of a journey on foot across the mountains to the two lost worlds of Central Africa
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The Heart Of The Hunter
The Heart Of The Hunter Laurens Van Der Post
The moving sequel to The Lost World of the Kalahari
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The Lost World Of The Kalahari
The Lost World Of The Kalahari Laurens Van Der Post
In this enthralling book van der Post establishes his role as a distinguished explorer and writer describing the rediscovery of the Bushmen, outcast survivors from Stone Age Africa.
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Vertigo W.G. Sebald
'One of the most original voices to have come from Europe in recent years' Paul Auster
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The Rings of Saturn
The Rings of Saturn W.G. Sebald
VINTAGE VOYAGES: A world of journeys, from the tallest mountains to the depths of the mind
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A Rose For Winter
A Rose For Winter Laurie Lee
'He writes like an angel, and conveys the pride and vitality of the humblest Spanish life with unfailing sharpness, zest and humour' SUNDAY TIMES
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The Worst Journey In The World
The Worst Journey In The World Apsley Cherry-Garrard
'When people ask me... "What is your favourite travel book?" I nearly always name this book. It is about courage, misery, starvation, heroism, exploration, discovery and friendship' Paul Theroux
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Death In The Afternoon
Death In The Afternoon Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway's classic portrait of the pageantry of bullfighting
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Up in the Old Hotel
Up in the Old Hotel Joseph Mitchell
'Mitchell bottled and preserved more of the soul of New York than any man before or since; Up in the Old Hotel is required reading for anyone who wants to hear the lost voices of the city' Tim Adams, Observer
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A Time In Rome
A Time In Rome Elizabeth Bowen
Rome is a continuity, called "eternal". What has accumulated in this place acts on everyone day and night, like an extra climate.
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Arctic Dreams
Arctic Dreams Barry Lopez
Winner of the National Book Award in 1986, Lopez’s magnum opus explores the Arctic landscape and the hold it continues to exert on our imagination
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My Guru and His Disciple
My Guru and His Disciple Christopher Isherwood
First published in 1980, Isherwood’s overlooked last book is central to an understanding of his life and work.
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The Condor and the Cows
The Condor and the Cows Christopher Isherwood
First published in 1949, this is a lively memoir of Isherwood's South American travels
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