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The Fatal Shore
The Fatal Shore Robert Hughes
'An extraordinary vivid yet authentic account of the birthpangs of a nation. A work of real distinction' Philip Ziegler
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Under The Mountain Wall
Under The Mountain Wall Peter Matthiessen
'Matthiessen is a talented writer and imaginative traveller and a man of true originality' Independent
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Vertigo W.G. Sebald
'One of the most original voices to have come from Europe in recent years' Paul Auster
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After The Dance
After The Dance Edwidge Danticat
Author of the bestselling Breath, Eyes, Memory
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Fugitives and Refugees
Fugitives and Refugees Chuck Palahniuk
By the author of Fight Club.
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On The Wing
On The Wing Alan Tennant
An epic story about birds of prey, the American landscape, and man’s dreams of flight. The New York Times Bestseller.
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The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic
The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic Kinky Friedman
An unconventional travel guide to the city of Austin, by best-selling mystery author, humorist and performer Kinky Friedman.
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Terra Incognita
Terra Incognita Sara Wheeler
A modern classic of Antarctic exploration, beautifully rejacketed to join The Magnetic North
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Divine Magnetic Lands
Divine Magnetic Lands Timothy O'Grady
Using history, memoir, state-of-the-nation analysis and a novelist´s skill at evoking places and people, Divine Magnetic Lands presents a picture of America as it evolved and how it is at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
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The French
The French Theodore Zeldin
An eye-opening, amusing, and immensely readable guide to a nation themselves – sure to please anyone who has ever been inspired, exasperated, amused or entranced by the French.
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Amsterdam Geert Mak
A delightful journey through time and through the streets of one of the greatest cultural capitals in Europe.
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Blood River
Blood River Tim Butcher
VINTAGE VOYAGES: A world of journeys, from the tallest mountains to the depths of the mind
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The Hidden Landscape
The Hidden Landscape Richard Fortey
The richness of Britain's geological history is without equal. The Hidden Landscape - a classic in popular geology - is a unique exploration of that diversity.
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Franco's Crypt
Franco's Crypt Jeremy Treglown
A captivating examination of collective memory in Spain during Franco's dictatorship
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Sushi and Beyond
Sushi and Beyond Michael Booth
A fascinating and hilarious journey through the extraordinary culinary landscape of Japan. ‘His account of their “foodie family road trip” establishes Booth as the next Bill Bryson.’ New York Times Winner of the Guild of Food Writers Kate Whiteman Award for the best book on food and travel.
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A Single Swallow
A Single Swallow Horatio Clare
A magical, thrilling journey and a hugely seductive book which combines the best travel and nature writing
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Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?
Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? Morgan Spurlock
One man's hunt for Osama bin Laden: brilliant, funny, intelligent - and accompanied by a simultaneous nationwide film release.
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Down To The Sea In Ships
Down To The Sea In Ships Horatio Clare
Acclaimed nature writer Horatio Clare travels the great oceans on cargo ships, and witnesses the collision of two temperaments: man and the sea
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Meander Jeremy Seal
A wonderful, winding exploration of the fabled Turkish river, the pivotal meeting point between East and West, from the author of the acclaimed A Fez of the Heart.
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Sweet Liberty
Sweet Liberty Joseph O'Connor
A brilliantly funny exploration of Irish America from the awward-winning writer of Star of the Sea and Redemption Falls.
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Edgelands Michael Symmons Roberts, Paul Farley
A book about the blank spaces on the A-Z, the hinterlands of Britain that are not urban and not yet country: the lost, the liminal and the unloved.
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Bangkok Days
Bangkok Days Lawrence Osborne
A passionate, affectionate record of adventures and misadventures in the world's hottest metropolis.
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