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Everest Christine Gee, Garry Weare, Margaret Gee
The best climbers in the world offer reflections on reaching the summit of Everest for the 60th anniversary of the first ascent
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Limitless Sky
Limitless Sky David Charles Manners
Practical philosophy from the Himalayas
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Field Notes from the Edge
Field Notes from the Edge Paul Evans
One of Britain's foremost nature writers takes us on a journey through Britain's hidden wilderness
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Dip Andrew Fusek Peters
A lyrical account of a year’s wild swimming in Britain
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A Hermit in the Himalayas
A Hermit in the Himalayas Paul Brunton
One of the great classics of spiritual literature and a fascinating account of travel in India and Tibet
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A Sky Full of Birds
A Sky Full of Birds Matt Merritt
A beautifully written guide to great bird gatherings during a year's travels around the British Isles
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Rivers Run
Rivers Run Kevin Parr
An angler's journey around Britain's rivers and waterways, showing how nature reflects the themes in all our lives
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The Way Of The White Clouds
The Way Of The White Clouds Lama Anagarika Govinda
A spectacular and gloriously poetic story of exploration and discovery in Tibet before its invasion by the Chinese.
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A Search In Secret India
A Search In Secret India Paul Brunton
One of the great classic spiritual quest books. Anyone who has looked to India for spiritual enlightenment will find it in A Search in Secret India
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A Journey In Ladakh Andrew Harvey
Rider welcomes to its list Andrew Harvey's acclaimed classic of spiritual travel writing
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Last Seen in Lhasa
Last Seen in Lhasa Claire Scobie
Now available in b format, the highly acclaimed story of Claire Scobie's journeys in modern Tibet
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In the Valley of Mist
In the Valley of Mist Justine Hardy
Does for Kashmir what The Bookseller of Kabul did for Afghanistan, now in paperback
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The Honey Gatherers
The Honey Gatherers Mimlu Sen
One woman's extraordinary adventure into the rural heart of India, uncovering a fascinating, hidden world.
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Outlaw Roy Moxham
Fascinating portrait of an Englishman's friendship with India's world-famous Bandit Queen
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Ancient Futures
Ancient Futures Helena Norberg Hodge Hodge
Revised edition of the inspirational Rider classic about the culture and religion of Ladakh and what its westernisation teaches us about the effects of capitalism and globalisation
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India: the road ahead
India: the road ahead Mark Tully
The sequel to No Full Stops in India, Mark Tully's most popular book so far
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India's Unending Journey
India's Unending Journey Mark Tully
A superb travel book about modern India - now in paperback
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