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The Good Pub Guide: The North of England
The Good Pub Guide: The North of England Alisdair Aird, Fiona Stapley
The best pubs in the North of England from the perennially popular Good Pub Guide
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The Good Pub Guide: London and the South East
The Good Pub Guide: London and the South East Alisdair Aird, Fiona Stapley
Over 1,000 pubs in London and the South East from the perennially popular Good Pub Guide
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Hope and Glory
Hope and Glory Stuart Maconie
Stuart Maconie travels around Britain, delving into the history of the 20th century to find the key moments that shaped us as a nation
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A London Pub for Every Occasion
A London Pub for Every Occasion
Let Herb Lester Associates be your guide to the best pubs in London.
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Neither Nowt Nor Summat
Neither Nowt Nor Summat Ian McMillan
A glorious ramble around Yorkshire from one of our best loved poets
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The Weekenders
The Weekenders Giles Foden, Victoria Glendinning, Irvine Welsh, Alex Garland, W F Deedes, Tony Hawks, Andrew O'Hagan
A wonderful collection of short stories and travel writing from some of Britain's best writers
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Long Road from Jarrow
Long Road from Jarrow Stuart Maconie
Sunday Times bestseller: Maconie walks North to South through Brexit Britain, retracing the route of the 1936 Jarrow Crusade. 80 years on he finds a divided, complex country that in some ways hasn't change at all and in others, is completely unrecognisable.
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London By Tube
London By Tube Christopher Winn
Christopher Winn takes us on a tour of London's famous underground train line, the Tube, stopping off to reveal the hidden gems of our world-famous city
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Spanish Lessons
Spanish Lessons Derek Lambert
A beautifully jacketed reissue of the bestselling travel memoir about life off-the-tourist-track in Spain
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The Luberon Garden Alex Dingwall-Main
A delightfully evocative and funny account of gardening in the South of France
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Are You Dave Gorman?
Are You Dave Gorman? Danny Wallace, Dave Gorman
'A magnificent tale of obsession and adventure' The Independent
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In-Flight Entertainment
In-Flight Entertainment Elliot Hester
Glorious tales of humour from a flight attendant who's seen it all
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One Hit Wonderland
One Hit Wonderland Tony Hawks
Tony Hawks' unique assault on the world of music
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The Good Pub Guide 2017
The Good Pub Guide 2017 Fiona Stapley
The UK's best-loved pub guide
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The Angel Tree Alex Dingwall-Main
From the bestselling author of THE LUBERON GARDEN comes a second horticultural adventure that takes the author through France, Spain, Greece and Italy in search of an ancient olive tree
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Russian Disco
Russian Disco Wladimir Kaminer
Offbeat humorous tales of gritty life on the streets of hip and sleazy Berlin. A European bestseller.
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Tick Bite Fever
Tick Bite Fever David Bennun
'Matchlessly witty-one of the country's funniest writers.' Steven Poole, The Guardian
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The Weekenders Andrew O'Hagan
The world's most adventurous literary gang dive into the heart of the vibrant and alien city
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Yes Man
Yes Man Danny Wallace
The amazing tale of what happens when you decide to say... YES
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The Vine Garden Alex Dingwall-Main
A sequel to the bestselling book The Luberon Garden. What happens when the Provencal dream becomes jaded? Bestselling author and garden designer Alex Dingwall-Main takes a journey to the heart of France, to the wine-producing chateaux and their gardens, and falls in love with the country once again
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Good Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels and B&Bs: 6th Edition
Good Guide to Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels and B&Bs: 6th Edition Catherine Phillips
The essential guide for all dog owners returns fully updated and totally revised
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Travels With Macy
Travels With Macy Bruce Fogle
A funny, charming account of well-known vet Bruce Fogle's journey through his homeland with his dog Macy.
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Yoga School Dropout
Yoga School Dropout Lucy Edge
'A hilarious, hopeless and desperate quest' Chris Stewart, author of Driving Over Lemons
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