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A Short Time To Die
A Short Time To Die Susan Bickford
In this electrifying thriller, two women from opposite sides of the country find their lives inextricably bound—by blood, by fear, and by a merciless, murderous revenge . . .
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Act Of Terror
Act Of Terror Marc Cameron
Warning: The next attack on American soil will come from within.
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Before It's Too Late
Before It's Too Late Sara Driscoll
Special Agent Meg Jennings and her trusted search-and-rescue Labrador, Hawk, must race against the clock before a diabolical killer strikes again . . .
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Beyond Danger
Beyond Danger Kat Martin
New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin brings page-turning suspense to a tale of secrets and passions turned deadly . . .
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Beyond Reason
Beyond Reason Kat Martin
New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin raises chills as danger stalks a woman determined to make it in a man’s world . . .
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Bite Club
Bite Club Laurien Berenson
Melanie Travis's new book club caters to readers craving fiction-with bite! But when a real-life murder case bares its fangs, she'll need to swap dog-eared novels for a lengthy suspect list . . .
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Cold Flash
Cold Flash Carrie H. Johnson
In Carrie H. Johnson's explosive series, forensic firearms specialist Muriel Mabley takes a one-way plunge that's outside the law…
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Constant Fear
Constant Fear Daniel Palmer
Hailed by Publishers Weekly as "one of today's best thriller writers" Daniel Palmer--author of the critically acclaimed Desperate, Stolen, and Delirious--returns with an electrifying, brilliantly plotted new thriller, as a father desperately tries to save his son from a vengeful drug cartel.
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Cyber Attack
Cyber Attack Tim Washburn
Washburn brings a new kind of terror." —Marc Cameron
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Dark Winter
Dark Winter A.J. Tata
In a blistering scenario almost too close to the headlines, former Brigadier General A.J. Tata delivers a chillingly authentic glimpse of tomorrow’s wars—and the anonymous hackers who hold the fate of the world at their fingertips . . .
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