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The Beautiful Game?
The Beautiful Game? David Conn
A powerful, passionate exploration of a game in turmoil
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The Sports Gene
The Sports Gene David Epstein
An entertaining and thought-provoking examination of the truth behind talent and success.
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Breaking 80
Breaking 80 David Godwin
A witty and charming account of an amateur golfer's bid to reach golfing respectability
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The Racer
The Racer David Millar
A unique and powerful insight into the mind of a professional cyclist in his last year before retirement, from British cyclist David Millar, writer of the bestselling Racing Through the Dark.
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All For A Few Perfect Waves
All For A Few Perfect Waves David Rensin
The first biography of legendary surf hero, Miki 'Da Cat' Dora - The greatest surf story never told.
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Wasting Your Wildcard
Wasting Your Wildcard David Wardale
Revealing a cult-like community of obsessive, competitive and hard-core addicts of football who will stop at nothing to win
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The Zen Of Muhammad Ali Davis Miller
'Davis Miller writes profoundly and beautifully.' Joyce Carol Oates
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The Godforsaken Sea
The Godforsaken Sea Derek Lundy
"an extraordinarily well-told story a humbling, exhausting, necessary book" Paul Watkins, The Times. This is an enthralling account of the 1996/7 Vendee Globe round-the-world yacht race. It is a story of heroism, adventure and tragic loss of life on the high seas - a book that should be bought by all those who enjoyed A PERFECT STORM or INTO THIN AIR.
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The Way of a Ship
The Way of a Ship Derek Lundy
'Destined to become a classic of the seas' Eric Newby
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While Wandering
While Wandering Duncan Minshull
‘A book to start your heart and feet beating for the road’ The Times
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Sport Inc.
Sport Inc. Ed Warner
In sport, money is everything. Behind every victory lap, every goal celebration, every triumph against the odds and every dropped relay baton is a story of money.
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They Don't Teach This
They Don't Teach This Eniola Aluko
A powerful memoir from one of Britain's most inspiring women.
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Green Hills Of Africa
Green Hills Of Africa Ernest Hemingway
'In a class by itself-the country, at all hours shines bright and clear in these pages' Daily Telegraph
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Hail, Claudio!
Hail, Claudio! Gabriele Marcotti, Alberto Polverosi
Leicester City’s victory was more than just a 'miracle'. It was hard work and humility. It was skills and tactics. It was Claudio Ranieri.
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My Father And Other Working Class Football Heroes
My Father And Other Working Class Football Heroes Gary Imlach
The most highly acclaimed sports book of 2005, now available in paperback - the moving story of one man's search for his father, and for the game he played
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The Swordfish and the Star
The Swordfish and the Star Gavin Knight
Gavin Knight has caught the stories of the Cornish fishermen – and their difficult, dramatic existence at the end of our land
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Paper Lion
Paper Lion George Plimpton
The book that made a legend, and a classic of sports writing – George Plimpton's Paper Lion is published in the UK on its 50th anniversary.
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Open Net
Open Net George Plimpton
George Plimpton takes to the ice with the Boston Bruins in this memorable portrait of the rough-and-tumble world of professional ice hockey
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Shadow Box
Shadow Box George Plimpton
An amateur steps into the ring against a champion boxer ... Published for the first time in the UK, George Plimpton's masterpiece on boxing, Shadow Box
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The Bogey Man
The Bogey Man George Plimpton
What happens when an average golf player joins the professional circuit for a month? George Plimpton finds out in this masterpiece of sports writing
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Out of my League
Out of my League George Plimpton
From the author of Paper Lion. George Plimpton goes behind the scenes of a professional baseball team in the classic that Ernest Hemingway called ‘beautifully observed and incredibly conceived’
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Mad Ducks and Bears
Mad Ducks and Bears George Plimpton
George Plimpton's follow-up to the classic Paper Lion, rejoining two of his former teammates in an insightful glimpse into the lives of professional sportspeople
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I'm A Little Special
I'm A Little Special Gerald Early
'The Muhammad Ali Reader is the greatest. I advise all my fans to read it' - Muhammad Ali
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The Metaphysics of Ping-Pong
The Metaphysics of Ping-Pong Guido Mina di Sospiro
LONGLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK AWARD 2013 Ping-pong: not just a sport for teenagers, ferociously talented Chinese players and East London hipsters – it seems that spinning plastic ball can teach us a great deal about life and the world we live in...
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